Pierpaolo Piccioli

DIFFERENT STROKES: “I like the idea of being able to change your point of view,” Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Valentino, said at the launch event Wednesday of the first eyewear collection produced by Luxottica Group. Piccioli chose “a playful way” to present the line, setting up a sort of magic castle in a storied building in Milan’s arty Brera district and dubbing it “Valentino Mirage.” Guests had to find their bearing through a path of screens and mirrors or a dimly lit corridor and pass through a room that resembled a vintage eyewear shop. Piccioli said eyewear helps to “tell a story about yourself” or “choose what you want to see.”


The Valentino Mirage event

The Valentino Mirage event  Courtesy Image


Stefano Sassi, chief executive officer of the company, said the goal was to develop the eyewear category and make it as successful at the brand’s other accessories.

Valentino Mirage was created in collaboration with Real Live LLC, whose principals Jonathan Hochwald and Arthur Karpati are also producers of the renowned “Sleep No More” show and creators of New York’s McKittrick Hotel. “I loved the ‘Sleep No More’ show,” said Piccioli, who had enlisted the producers for the opening of its Moscow store earlier this year.

The eyewear collection will be available in all Valentino boutiques and a selection of specialized retailers starting from mid-February.

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