Hot Flash: B Brian Atwood

Inspired by the 1981 film Body Heat, the ads tell the tale of a young, gorgeous couple meeting for a secret affair.

A still from the campaign for B Brian Atwood
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WWD Accessory issue 08/15/2011

Brian Atwood’s new contemporary line, B Brian Atwood, doesn’t hit shelves until Aug. 25, but he has already taken to calling his soon-to-be-customers “B Girls.”

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These clients, he says, “encapsulate what it means to be a global fashion nomad: a mix of femininity, sexuality, curiosity and power.” In his ad campaign, Atwood sure covers the sex and curiosity angles.

Inspired by the 1981 film Body Heat, the ads—which, along with an accompanying stop-motion video, are now appearing on Atwood’s Web site as well as various fashion blogs—tell the tale of a young, gorgeous couple meeting for a secret affair. Shot at New York’s Hôtel Plaza Athénée and Beekman Apartments, the tryst was photographed by Marc Hom and styled by Maryam Malakpour. Atwood’s chosen femme fatale—wearing his glitter booties and red fringe stilettos—bears some resemblance to the young Kathleen Turner, but the swarthy tattooed leading man looks more like the designer himself than William Hurt. Yet Atwood has his own cameo role, as a curious hotel guest, to play in the campaign.

“An affair is nothing without a witness—that’s how the great stories start,” said Stacy Lastrina, chief marketing officer of The Jones Group Inc., which is producing the B line. “It’ll take a minute for people to realize that it’s Brian, but we always knew he’d be in it.”