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At the risk of sounding clichéd, Kara Ross really did offer something for everyone in every price point. In her fine jewelry collection, white jade or wooden pieces were detailed with geometric gold plates surrounded by diamonds. She also did handbags in new materials: burlap dusted with metallic or covered with plastic. Ross’ answer to economic woes was a group of patent leather clutches that will retail for $350 and up, and the lower-priced Kara by Kara Ross jewelry collection, which featured playful crocodile and snakeskin hearts and fun stackable bangles.

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Meanwhile, bronchitis couldn’t keep Justin Giunta from celebrating his collection for Subversive Jewelry Wednesday at the new Kisan SoHo boutique. Highlights of the Morocco-inspired collection included beaded tassel necklaces and cuffs adorned with coins and turquoise. Along with his signature one-of-a-kind pieces, there will be reproducible styles made from more readily available findings.

Amanda Pearl showed her sophomore collection of handbags, inspired by the image of a woman in a garden. The theme was reflected in such pieces as a stamped raffia handbag, Pearl’s first day style, as well as a hand-dyed ombré silk clutch and a flower-handled limited edition bag. Only three of the last will be made in each of three colors.

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