Clive’s New Bag

The daughter of perfumer Clive Christian tries a new line of fragrance-inspired handbags.

A Clive Christian bag.
Appeared In
Special Issue
WWD A issue 10/19/2009

Fragrance has always been a part of Victoria Christian’s life. The daughter of Clive Christian — the English perfumer famous for concocting fragrances inspired by the ones Queen Victoria wore in 1872 — has taken an interest in another main-floor category: handbags.


Christian’s designs for the company’s first handbags collection link to the 10-year-old firm’s three signature fragrances: No. 1, X and 1872. “Thehandbags and scarves wouldn’t exist without the perfume,” says the fashionable Christian, who is also the brand ambassador. “You get to carry the expression of your choice.”


Like the firm’s fragrances (one of which the Guinness Book of World Records called “the world’s most expensive perfume,” with price points that go up to $5,500 for the purest form), the bags are ultraluxurious. Men’s and women’s bags range from $2,400 for a quilted patent leather clutch in hunter green and finished with gold-plated fob of the company’s coat of arms to an astonishing $30,600 for an all-gold-leafed crocodile tote. The bags, along with the fragrances, are sold on clive.com.