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WWD Accessory issue 02/11/2008

What kind of story does a necklace tell? With I.O.D. by Steven Trussell’s charm necklaces, it depends on the wearer. Never mind commemorating life’s precious milestones when the 200 options include handcuffs, guns, knuckles, champagne glasses, wings and lipsticks. One popular matchup is a nod to Marie Antoinette with a guillotine, a crown and a cake. One of Trussell’s first customers for I.O.D., which stands for Instruments of Death…or Desire, depending on his mood, was an elderly woman who chose a grenade, guitar and syringe. When asked the reason for her particular selection, Trussell recalls, she chuckled and replied, “You don’t want to know.” The sterling silver charm necklaces retail from $40 to $200 at H Lorenzo, West Hollywood, Calif. (310.659.1432).

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