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WWD Accessory issue 02/11/2008

The newest collectible decade for jewelry aficionados? The Seventies. The period now rules due to the primarily metallic, fluid look of the jewelry that is well-suited to contemporary fashions.

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“A lot of stylists are promoting a real 1970s Halston look,” says Carrie Imberman of Kentshire, pointing to the popularity of large, heavy David Webb pieces. “It’s very graphic and the lines are strong. There has been a move away from tiny, tiny things and toward strong jewelry.” And, with earlier styles
like Art Deco and Art Nouveau picked over, jewelry consultant
Patty Hambrecht points out the draw of a new decade from which to chose. “People naturally turn to the periods after,” agrees Fred Leighton owner Ralph Esmarian, who notes Bulgari as a maker that is of interest to collectors. And if jewelry lovers need yet another impetus, Imberman adds that the new trend is also easier on your wallet. “Gold is so expensive today that the secondary market is more accommodating,” she says. “You are not paying to make the piece, because it already exists.”

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