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Quirky jewelry makes a big statement.

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WWD Fast issue 01/15/2009

Quirky jewelry makes a big statement.

Pin your heart on your sleeve with this supersweet, handmade Murano glass brooch from Babbu ($127). With Valentine’s Day on its way, boyfriends be advised.
—Alessandra Turra

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Heavy rapper-style chains are winning fans with Germany’s chic set. Retailing at $256 at the F95 store, this leather and metal chain by Swedish designer Joanna Dauphin gives any glamour girl a hard-core edge tough enough for the grittiest Berlin social scene.
—Damien McGuinness

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Jewelry designer Lyie Van Rycke has a big heart, and its contours are traced in this delicate and whimsical chain necklace ($465). It comes in rose or yellow gold.
—Laurent Folcher

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Elke Kramer’s offbeat and delicately detailed jewelry has been spotted on edgy international style arbiters such as Fafi, Karen O and Chiaki Kuriyama. Kramer’s new collection, called Trompe l’Oeil, includes these Art Deco–inspired resin and thread bracelets ($93).
—Patty Huntington

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United States
Known for his naturalistic approach to fashion, designer Rogan Gregory has a handcrafted capsule collection of oversize necklaces that offers a similar aesthetic this spring. Handmade from reclaimed wood and rope, the pieces will retail from $500 to $1,000. Here, his wooden Oblique Dichotomy necklace with enamel paint on cotton cord ($1,000).
—Kim Friday

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