Allison Aruta's bracelets.
Appeared In
Special Issue
WWD A issue 07/21/2008

Former real estate analyst Allison Aruta has turned her one-time hobby into a full-time job making what she calls
“feel-good jewelry.” What started as one “stay strong” bracelet inspired by her own inner strength has turned into a full-fledged business creating charity-related designs. She now works with each charity on their specific design, often replicating a logo or related empowering words that are sold to raise money. Available primarily through her
Web site (allisonaruta.com) as well as specialty stores such as Shag in Roslyn, N.Y., and Roberta Kahn Jewelry in Port
Washington, N.Y., her rugged, subtle silver and leather creations range in price from $50 for a bracelet to $250 for a
personalized piece.

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