By and  on August 15, 2011

Talk about the gold standard. The history of the precious metal ismarked with incredible moments — Cleopatra’s death on a bed of gold in30 B.C.; the California Gold Rush from 1848; its use to combattuberculosis in the Twenties, and gold bonded to microchips in 1961.Fast-forward to 2010 and the big milestone was all about gold pricesreaching a record high. Make that 22 all-time highs for the year.

The upward spiral continues in 2011. As of press time, there havebeen 25 all-time highs; the price for an ounce of gold hit a staggering$1,500 in April and then $1,600 in July. Of course, gold’s new realityis impacting the jewelry business, in terms of both sales and design.

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