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WWD A issue 10/18/2010

Sustainability has become increasingly important to luxury companies, and others are following suit. Geneva-based timepiece company Altanus took on the challenge, conducting four years of research that resulted in a 100 percent eco-friendly watch, called Patch, considered the first of its kind.

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The brainchild of Giuseppe Casillo, chief executive officer and head of the design team of Altanus, the biodegradable paper watch is inspired by the papier-mâché floats that parade yearly at the Carnival festival in Viareggio, Tuscany. Weighing in at just 11 grams, Patch provides a secondskin fit and is shock- and tear-resistant, thanks to a special finish that renders it waterproof, as well.


It uses LED technology in its digital display and comes in 10 neon colors and seasonal patterns. Available at selected stores, including Madl’Or Horlogerie– Bijouterie in Monte Carlo and Old Village in Brighton, England, the watch costs 24 euros, or $33.50 at current exchange.