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LONDON — Bamford & Sons, the British ready-to-wear and accessories brand, is letting its customers give the label’s new line of customized Rolex watches a personal touch.

Earlier this month, the label launched a Bamford Watch Department Web site that allows customers to play designer and customize details such as their watch’s bracelet colors, dial indices, date color and write their own text on the watch’s face. Customers can see the results of their designs on a virtual watch on the Web site. The company currently offers the customization service on a Rolex Submariner watch that retails from 5,500 pounds, or $8,110.

“Everyone likes to be exclusive,” said George Bamford, director of the Bamford Watch Department, who added his idea for the watches came about after his wife gave him a Rolex Submariner on their wedding day with a heart in the place of their wedding date on the date dial. “We can go to the Nth degree for our customers.”

Since the site’s launch, Bamford said customers had asked for details such as their birthday in a contrasting color on the watch’s date dial. Whatever combination of colors customers choose, the watches are all coated with a military grade technique called physical vapor deposition. The technique colors the watch a deep black color and renders it scratch-proof. While customers can design their watch on the Web site, once they have decided to make a purchase, a Bamford representative contacts them to discuss the design.

“We wanted to give a personal feel to the Web site, so you feel like you have a personal service,” said Bamford.

At its Sloane Square flagship in London, the company also offers Rolex models such as the Daytona, which the company has already customized to its own design, alongside its own Bamford & Sons sports watch that retails for 275 pounds, or $405. The store also carries watch paraphernalia including an aluminum watch canister that Bamford devised after his own watches were scratched while being transported in a leather watch roll, and a watch repair kit by G Lorenzi.

A pokesperson from Rolex in the UK said it doesn’t condone any alteration to its watches, but added those watches are “no longer serviceable by Rolex.”

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