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PARIS “This season we’re doing the iconic Chloé girl,” said makeup artist Diane Kendal, working with MAC Cosmetics, before the show. “We’re doing a really beautiful, textured skin.”

Models’ eyebrows were brushed and on their eyelids, she applied a violet grease paint and then a violet powder. The color was blended and slightly extended to give a smoky effect.

Kendal also lined the inside and corner of eyes with a blue-shimmer pencil. Cheeks got a peach color and lips, a touch of concealer.

Hairstylist James Pecis parted tresses to the right side. There, they were tucked behind the ear but left to hang freely. The idea was to have some asymmetry “as if a girl were to cut her hair,” he said.

Working with L’Oréal Professionnel products, Pecis used EverStyle Alcohol-Free Volume Root Lifting Spray from, then blew hair dry (and after reapplied the spray if needed). Tecni.Art Next Day Hair was also spritzed.

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