By  on February 9, 2014

The beauty look at DKNY was as varied as it gets: personalized hairstyles and makeup looks, and one of three nail options.

“We’re doing a real New York mashup,” said Eugene Souleiman, who was working with Wella Professionals at the show. “It’s really about celebrating a city, the cultures in it and the subcultures in it. I’m not necessarily talking about race — I’m talking about youth culture, club culture. The show’s about some unusual and interesting-looking people.” Because Souleiman was using nearly every product in Wella’s arsenal to create looks — from green braids to spiky locks — he noted, “it almost doesn’t feel as if this is backstage. It feels like we’re in a fashion salon, and everyone has a look that suits them.”

“We’re playing with makeup,” said Yadim, working with Maybelline at the show. “There was quite a bit of street casting for this show, and a lot of different personalities. Donna wanted the beauty look to reflect that. We did the basics [such as mascara and foundation] on everyone to bring them to a certain level, and then after that, I’m just trusting my team to have a dialogue with anyone who’s sitting in their chair and pull from there what they feel comfortable wearing.  The only thing I told my team was to stay away from any bright competing colors except red lipstick, because the collection’s black and white and graphic. I don’t want to compete with the clothes — I want to accentuate them.”

Michelle Saunders, working with Essie at the show, created three nail looks. One, an inverted French manicure, was achieved by applying Essie’s First Base base coat to the nails, then one coat of Blanc, a white nail polish. Next came Smokin’ Hot, a gray polish, over the center of the nail, leaving a thin white arc around the entire base of the nail. She then added Allure, a sheer pinkish white on top of that to achieve a cement color and Matte About You top coat to finish. A second look was achieved by applying two coats of Blanc to the nails and then finishing with Matte About You. The third look used Mademoiselle, a sheer baby-pink, with Matte About You on top.

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