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Strong Mexican women, namely Frida Kahlo inspired the beauty look backstage at Rebecca Minkoff’s spring 2014 show. “Its kind of a nomad, wanderer with wide eyes,” said Sarah Lucero, lead makeup artist for Stila Cosmetics. “I chose colors you would find in the desert like earth, sand, caramel and sepia tones. Navajo neutral nudes is what I’m calling it.”

Despite skipping Kahlo’s trademark unibrow, the thick brow, created with Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color and plenty of eyebrow grooming, was certainly the focus of the look. “There’s no unibrow, no mustache, just a nod to Frida. I was ready to though,” laughed Lucero, who also created a deep smoky eye using three eyeliners — a chocolate brown liquid liner on the top eye line; Kajal Eye Liner in Tigers Eye at the bottom, for a “diffused” effect, and a new product for spring 2014, Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Deep Burgundy. “The burgundy adds that punk vibe and helps support that big brow,” said Lucero, who added a slight wing with the burgundy liner. Skin was given a “satin finish” with a new Stila CC Cream, launching this evening on QVC, and adobe-hued Stila Covertible Color for Lip and Cheek in Camellia. “The biggest thing is you have to knock out any redness to do a peachy, pinky rustic face, otherwise it would look more blotchy and the CC Cream comes out a mint green and when you blend it it turns into your foundation color,” said Lucero, who also used Camelia on lips. “I don’t have time to moisturize backstage, except to get them ready fast so this is perfect because it adds a healthy finish,” she added of the multifunctional alphabet cream.

Hair, styled by Jeanie Syfu for TRESemmé, also aimed to take the classic Frida Kahlo look into today’s world. “To keep it young and modern and not a literal take of Frida’s braids, we played with the texture, and kind of played with the part as well,” said Syfu. “We did the part on the side and we did kind of a messy zigzag so it just looked a little cooler.” To create the slightly undone braided updo, Syfu prepped with 24 Hour Full Body Mousse then dried hair using high heat. “We then roughed up the cuticle as much as possible with our fingers and used backcombing for fluffy texture to make the braids look thicker,” said Syfu, who then created an asymmetrical side part across the head. After dividing hair into three sections, she fashioned three ponytails, two on one side right above the ear, one on the other. Those ponytails were then braided into four-strand braids which were slightly pulled apart for a “matte” feel, then wrapped around themselves and up the head, and secured into place. “I just saw it on the runway and with the lights hitting it you can see the flyaway bits and the pieces in the front are just kind of falling out perfectly,” said Syfu. “It just has that like downtown, sexy tomboy thing happening which Rebecca loves. That’s her aesthetic.”

Nails, created by Essie lead manicurist Michelle Saunders, featured on-site hand painted nail art, inspired by Mexican folk art. “We are actually doing nail art backstage today, four accent nails, two on each hands on random fingers,” said Saunders, who used Essie’s coral Tart Deco as a base on both fingers and toes. “It really is like what would Frieda Kahlo wear on her nails. She’d hand paint them and Rebecca really wanted to have a skull as a hero design so we’re doing two different kinds of skulls,” said Saunders, who created the intricate skull, flowers and polka dot designs with black Licorice, white Blanc and blue Butler Please Essie polishes. “Its very day of the dead.” Essie’s Good To Go top coat finished off the look.

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