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Kevin Ryan for RSession Tools created “road trip hair” with pomade, a bit of hair product at the root and dry powder at the ends. “There’s a little neglect,” said Ryan, who used a flat iron to create a “buckle” in the style. “When you’re in love and having fun you don’t look in a mirror.” The look, which paid homage to voyagers, meant to reference “a girl who had her head out of the window of the car,” said Ryan. “There is minimal product, we are just dirtying it up a little bit.”

Nails, done by lead manicurist Jin Soon Choi, for her namesake salon, also alluded to traveling. “Tibi spring is about people who have a nomadic life and a destination,” said Choi. “When I met Amy, she said she wanted to go very simple because they will have a traveler’s symbol tattoo on their hands.”

The resulting look featured a graphic treatment meaning “all right,” in a visual language developed by American nomads in the Twenties. “It’s kind of simple, something you can do easily,” said Choi, who used her new, still unnamed “blue-gray-white” shade for spring as a base and on toes. “For 2014, twist versions of white will be huge, not pure white,” she predicted. “I’m all about simple, easy, do it yourself.” The three middle fingers were given the nail art — two horizontal lines on the ring and pointer fingers and a vertical line on the center finger — with Obsidian nail lacquer and a nail brush. Jin Soon Top Gloss finished the nail look. “When you put them together you get the message,” said Soon about the modified cross shape.

Makeup, done by Alice Lane for Maybelline, featured flawless skin and a “cinematic” whitewashed eye. “The whole inspiration was road trip, but she is a little bit grunge and she’s a little bit freestyle,” said Lane. “The eye is a real wash of color, but to be so free on the eyes we’ve made sure the skin is perfection, and I think that’s the whole way the new grunge is. Grunge in the Nineties was very disheveled, very undone, but now the girl’s very finished. She’s kind of expensive still.” Cheeks were “big, round, soft and pillowy,” and lips were given a “berry stain” with Baby Lips in Cherry Me. “It’s really moist,” Lane said. On faces, Lane used concealer where needed and Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation. “It matches the skin color perfectly but its still kind of sheer, you can still see freckles and things like that. And that’s really important to me. My skin is always very, very fresh no matter what,” said Lane. “There’s absolutely no powder. I really want them to look like they’ve walked in the dessert.” The eyes, which had no mascara, featured the metallic Color Tattoo shade Too Cool. “It’s just washed on like paint,” said Lane, who applied the pigment to eyelids and the corner of the eye. “I like the chalkiness, its kind of Dust Bowl-y,” she said. “It’s cinematic.” Brows, which were filled in “hair by hair,” were brushed upwards for a “soft” feel. “You have white, orange, pink,” said Lane, about the resulting effect of the beauty look. “It’s something fun and wild and rebellious. It’s very editorial. It’s a fantasy.”

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