NEW YORK — Martha Stewart, a member of Revlon’s board since June 1996, is resigning her post, the company said Monday.

Revlon declined to provide additional details of Stewart’s resignation, including the date that it will be effective.

Stewart, convicted Friday on four felony counts relating to the suspicious trading of her ImClone stock, is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court here on June 17.

Dashing Diva Expansion

NEW YORK — Dashing Diva, a 1,500-square-foot combination of retail space and nail salon that opened in the East Village here in October, took three years and $7 million of research and development to launch. Now, with expectations of opening 10 to 15 stores by the end of 2004, and about 500 stores in the next three to five years, Dashing Diva is gearing up to become a global concept.

Dashing Diva, a division of KMC Exim, a Port Washington, N.Y.-based nail manufacturer that also makes products for the Broadway and Kiss brands, is currently finalizing plans for salon stores in Tokyo and Korea, expected to open by this summer. There are also plans to open stores in New York’s Times Square, Harlem, the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side in the near future.

In fact, the company’s president, Vincent Butta, hopes to become “the Starbucks of [nail salon] franchises.”The company’s goal is to create a consumer-friendly retail and professional service atmosphere.

Butta, who said that his intention is to build “a lifestyle brand,” hopes to drive his company’s growth with three different types of store and salon concepts. The first, designed for smaller spaces, includes Mini Dashing Divas, merchandising units to be placed in hair salons. A second concept, called Small Dashing Diva, is planned as a retail outlet, and at the top end of the franchises are fully equipped Dashing Diva stores with spas.

Inspiration for expansion comes from the East Village location, which is decorated in a mix of red and pink tiles and pink tweed furniture. In the pedicure area, located in the back of the salon, customers sit on raised couches upholstered in pink tweed. Pink and white manicure tables are across from the pedicure stations.Products are displayed in the front of the store, and the range includes more than 200 shades of nail polish, each priced at $8; nail art priced from $3 to $8, and skin and nail treatment products that range from $3.50 to $15.

On the service side, Dashing Diva’s manicure options range from simple toluxurious. The Basic Diva is priced at $12 and includes nail shaping, cuticle cleanup and a moisture hand and arm massage; the Spoiled Diva, $22, adds a sweet almond and sea salt mini-dermabrasion and a shea butter massage to the basic package. The All-Out Diva, priced at $32, features a citrus exfoliation treatment, superhydrating paraffin dip and a hand and arm massage with essential oils. Then there’s the Little Diva, targeting ladies who are eight years old and under, for $8. Nail maintenance manicures for men range in price from $12 to $32.

Pedicures also range from basic services to more luxurious treatments. The Basic Diva pedicure, priced at $30, includes a foot soak, exfoliating sugar glow scrub, cuticle cleanup and nail-shaping. The Spoiled Diva pedicure, priced at $45, involves a eucalyptus and tea tree oil bath and tingling peppermint scrub, finished with an exfoliating serum, a micro-dermabrasion treatment and a foot massage. The All-Out Diva pedicure, priced at $60, features an exfoliating foot treatment with sea salt and beach quartz crystals, a marine algae foot mask and a foot and calf massage with a paraffin dip.

Dashing Diva expects total sales to reach $5 million to $7 million for the corporate stores and initial franchise stores operating in 2004. In three years, this figure is expected to reach $100 million for the franchises in the U.S. On the retail side, sales are expected to account for 60 percent of sales, while the remaining 40 percent will be generated by service sales.

All Dashing Diva products are sold on its Web site as well as services such as the Nailscription plan, designed so that customers can continue nail care at home. Of the online sales, 50 percent are from customers of the East Village location; the rest come from Internet surfers, said Butta, who added that future growth plans include an eyelash service bar, spa products and cosmetics.— Anne Proctor

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