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Beauty Inc issue 05/18/2007

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a great beauty image is potentially a multimillion dollar revenue maker. So when top editors and beauty executives want to turn a simple tube of lipstick into a lucrative work of art, these enterprising shutterbugs are the ones on their speed-dial list. Here, they explain their intrepid style and offer us a peek at their high-profile client rosters.

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2A—Pascal Aulagner and Sylvere Azoulai
Our Style Is: Sleek and elegant but definitely fun.
Known For: Being easy to work with and our good food. (We’re French!)
Editorial Clients: Harper’s Bazaar, Pop, V
Advertising Clients: Chanel, Estée Lauder, MAC
Contact: Management + Artists, 212-931-9311


Alex Cao
My Style Is: Giving a clean, modern edge to classic subjects.
Known For: My skill at shooting multiple genres.
Editorial Clients: Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue
Advertising Clients: Cingular, Kinerase, Kodak
Contact: Winston West, 212-691-6788


Ashton Worthington
My Style Is: Sleek, polished and sophisticated; juxtaposing graphic perfection with a premium feel.
Known For: My carefully crafted form and impeccable lighting. I highlight shape and texture, creating icons out of objects.
Editorial Clients: N/A
Advertising Clients: Absolut, Bacardi, Samsung
Contact: Artists and Creatives, 212-227-5056


Our Style Is: Intricate lighting and a modernist, minimalist look.
Known For: Our professionalism with clients, our unique coloring and lighting and our foresight in what’s modern and cutting-edge in photography.
Editorial Clients: Stuff, Trace Urban, Vibe
Advertising Clients: NVLA, Shiseido
Contact: Bernstein & Andriulli, 212-682-1490


Bill Diodato
My Style Is: Clean, elegant, beautiful lighting and a graphic and fresh composition.
Known For: Long relationships with top clients. Delivering exactly what the client envisions while adding my own excellent taste into the finished image.
Editorial Clients: Glamour, Interview, Self
Advertising Clients: John Frieda, Neiman Marcus, Prada
Contact: Bernstein & Andriulli, 212-682-1490


Carlton Davis
My Style Is: To encourage the human element to find its way into the photo and to bring a sense of personality to the still life.
Known For: Looking for ways to evoke emotion, instill a sense of humor and inspire beauty.
Editorial Clients: Details, Italian Marie Claire, German Vogue
Advertising Clients: MAC, Sephora, Tiffany & Co
Contact: CLM, 212-924-6565


Charles Masters
My Style Is: Simple, seductive and bold compositions.
Known For: Being a Southern gentleman.
Editorial Clients: Details, Harper’s Bazaar, W
Advertising Clients: Arnold Worldwide, Godiva, Mary Kay
Contact: Apostrophe, 212-279-2252


Chris Stein
My Style Is: Aggressive composition with illustrative and dimensional lighting.
Known For: Creating luxurious, heroic and tangible images.
Editorial Clients: Ocean Drive, Las Vegas Home & Design, Wynn Magazine
Advertising Clients: L’Oréal, Nautica, Target
Contact: Alex Represents, 212-620-0295


Christopher Coppola
My Style Is: Bold and iconic.
Known For: Beautiful light.
Editorial Clients: Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue
Advertising Clients: Elizabeth Arden, Publicis, Saatchi
Contact: Judy Casey, 212-228-7500


Daniel Schweizer
My Style Is: Making whatever comes into my hands visible in a colorful and graphic way.
Known For: Playing with special effects.
Editorial Clients: Bloom, Numéro Tokyo, German Vogue
Advertising Clients: Cartier, Hugo Boss, Lancôme
Contact: Management + Artists, 212-931-9311


Darrin Haddad
My Style Is: Clean and calculated experiments—a science lab filled with beautiful objects.
Known For: The perfect product shot.
Editorial Clients: City, House & Garden, Time
Advertising Clients: Clinique, Heineken, Prescriptives
Contact: Marge Casey + Associates, 212-929-3757


David Lawrence
My Style Is: Clean and graphic.
Known For: Strong compositions.
Editorial Clients: Allure, Vogue, Vanity Fair
Advertising Clients: Estée Lauder, Victoria’s Secret, Revlon
Contact: Kate Ryan, 212-929-5399


Doug Rosa
My Style Is: Bold, modern and super clean.
Known For: Creating graphic, honest, straightforward still photographs that make [things] come to life.
Editorial Clients: Brides, Departures, W
Advertising Clients: Apple, Bulgari, Neiman Marcus
Contact: Michael Ginsburg & Assoc., 212-679-8881


Edwin Ho
My Style Is: Quite bold, sometimes shocking, with elements of humor and surprise.
Known For: Being theatrical with a strong sense of design.
Editorial Clients: Elle, Icon, Marie Claire
Advertising Clients: Cingular, Nokia, Pond’s
Contact: Marge Casey + Assoc., 212-929-3757


Enrico Vesce
My Style Is: A strong, modern aesthetic.
Known For: Bringing the same artistic vision to everything I photograph.
Editorial Clients: Glamour, Men’s Vogue, Vogue
Advertising Clients: Acqua di Parma, Joop, Salvatore Ferragamo
Contact: EV Creative, 212-477-0240


Fabrice Bouquet
My Style Is: Graphic with a unique perspective of space, color and texture.
Known For: Special textures like bursts of powder and water.
Editorial Clients: French Decor, Elle, French Elle
Advertising Clients: Christian Dior, Helena Rubinstein, Stella McCartney
Contact: WT Management, 917-701-1154


Gentyl & Hyers
Our Style Is: Organic with a strong sense of light.
Known For: Collaboration and finding the unexpected beauty in the everyday.
Editorial Clients: Martha Stewart Living, O, The Oprah Magazine
Advertising Clients: Banana Republic, Donna Karan, Eileen Fisher
Contact: Edge, 212-243-2260


Greg Broom
My Style Is: Strong, snappy lighting and things that are a bit off-kilter.
Known For: Making chic images with a sense of humor. Also, a nice sit-down lunch with good conversation.
Editorial Clients: Details, French Glamour, In Style
Advertising Clients: Barneys New York, Cole Haan, DKNY
Contact: De Facto, 212-627-4700


Jack Miskell
My Style Is: Clean, crisp, iconic and elegant with lighting that encompasses the complete tonal range, from pure bright highlights to deep, subtle shadows.
Known For: My problem-solving with both still and moving liquids, artistic textural treatments of product crumbles, smears and swipes.
Editorial Clients: Fitness, Natural Health, Real Simple
Advertising Clients: Clinique, L’Oréal, Neutrogena
Contact: Anna Maria Landolfo, 212-226-0462


James T. Murray
My Style Is: Clean, iconic, creative shots with a sophisticated edge.
Known For: Evocative imagery, edgy layouts and sensorial textures.
Editorial Clients: Centurion, Departures, Essence
Advertising Clients: Estée Lauder, Marc Jacobs, Victoria’s Secret
Contact: Artists by Timothy Priano, 212-925-5996




Jay Zukerkorn
My Style Is: A combination of strong design and innovative lighting.
Known For: Heroic and iconic images.
Editorial Clients: 2wice, Spur, Vogue
Advertising Clients: Avon, Bliss, Donna Karen
Contact: Jed Root, 212-226-6600


Jeff Harris
My Style Is: Often surreal or artificial yet it also expresses a genuine respect for the subject.
Known For: Creating whimsical and irreverent interpretations of familiar objects and situations.
Editorial Clients: Details, Marie Claire, W
Advertising Clients: Asics, Accenture, Bergdorf Goodman
Contact: Bernstein & Andriulli, 212-682-1490


Jenny Van Sommers
My Style Is: Best defined by concept, form and space. I draw inspiration from art, fashion and architecture.
Known For: A minimalist approach and conceptually driven ideas.
Editorial Clients: British Vogue, Chinese Vogue, French Vogue
Advertising Clients: Audi, Estée Lauder, Nike
Contact: CLM, 212-924-6565


Jesse Frohman
My Style Is: Classic photography that shows both the strength and elegance of the subject matter.
Known For: Stylized still lifes as well as striking portraits of artists and celebrities.
Editorial Clients: Harper’s Bazaar, V, Vanity Fair
Advertising Clients: Clinique, Estée Lauder, Barneys New York
Contact: Chris Boals Artists, 212-924-8810


My Style Is: Crisp, modern and technically defined.
Known For: Clean, graphic, creative imaging with a bit of edge.
Editorial Clients: Glamour, O, The Oprah Magazine, Self
Advertising Clients: JWT, Matrix, Victoria’s Secret
Contact: Colleen McKay Represents, 212-598-0469


Kenji Toma
My Style Is: Conceptual, organic and classical.
Known For: Breathing life into the inanimate.
Editorial Clients: Exit, New York Times Magazine, Teen Vogue
Advertising Clients: Chanel, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal
Contact: Creative Exchange Agency, 212-414-4100


Kent Larsson
My Style Is: Clean, precise and elegant.
Known For: Slightly askew points of view that bring objects to life.
Editorial Clients: Esquire, GQ, New York Times Magazine
Advertising Clients: Bloomingdale’s, Estée Lauder, Kiehl’s
Contact: Moo Management, 718-218-8080


Kfir Ziv
My Style Is: Energetic and precise.
Known For: Treating cosmetics and beauty subjects as objets d’art.
Editorial Clients: Elle, New York Times Magazine, WWD
Advertising Clients: Coty Prestige, L’Oréal, Shiseido
Contact: KZNY Studios, 212-679-2999


Koji Yano
My Style Is: Images that blend hyper-realism with playful elegance.
Known For: A dynamic interpretation of each subject and images that retain their sense of sophistication and integrity.
Editorial Clients: Blackbook, Surface, Japanese Vogue
Advertising Clients: Avon, Calgon, Lever 2000
Contact: Artwing NY, 212-655-5779


Lisa Shin
My Style Is: Fresh and elegant with an edge.
Known For: Delivering under pressure.
Editorial Clients: In Style, Jane, Seventeen
Advertising Clients: Dollhouse Footwear, W
Contact: 212-217-2602


Marcel Christ
My Style Is: Showing the unknown beauty of ordinary things in a surprising perspective.
Known For: A combination of sublime light, technical perfection, conceptual impact and surreal atmosphere.
Editorial Clients: Details, In Style, New York Times Magazine
Advertising Clients: Evian, Nike, Redken
Contact: Walter Schupfer Management, 212-366-4675


Maria Robledo
My Style Is: Natural, raw, simple.
Known For: See above.
Editorial Clients: Martha Stewart Living, Town & Country
Advertising Clients: Bergdorf Goodman, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang
Contact: Judy Casey, 212-228-7500


Mark Platt
My Style Is: Strong artistic direction created by pure and sharp lighting intensity.
Known For: A clean, comfortable environment at my DUMBO [Brooklyn] studio, a professional team and presenting print-ready, color-corrected images and match prints with each job.
Editorial Clients: Elle, Essence, Shape
Advertising Clients: Avon, Clinique, Target
Contact: EV Creative, 212-477-0240


Mark Roskams
My Style Is: Presenting a unique look at ordinary places and objects.
Known For: Abstract composition combined with graphic lighting.
Editorial Clients: Architectural Digest, Metropolitan Home, Vogue
Advertising Clients: Hublot, Hyatt Resorts, Macy’s
Contact: CA Management, 305-534-7770


Massimo Gammacurta
My Style Is: Innovative and edgy.
Known For: Explosive and original still life shots.
Editorial Clients: Forbes, King, XXL
Advertising Clients: Alizé, Nike, Wieden & Kennedy
Contact: CA Management, 212-414-2400


Matthew Donaldson
My Style Is: Very pared down. I get rid of anything that isn’t essential to the photograph.
Known For: A mild form of conceptualism.
Editorial Clients: Details, W, Wallpaper
Advertising Clients: Coca-Cola, Sony, Virgin Atlantic
Contact: Bill Charles Represents, 212-965-1465


Matthew Huber
My Style Is: Inspired by simple, natural forms.
Known For: Building my own machinery, lighting rigs and computer programs to master the element of movement and velocity in liquids for my splashes and pours imagery.
Editorial Clients: Esquire, Men’s Fitness, Out
Advertising Clients: Cadbury Schweppes, MasterCard, Shiseido
Contact: I Group, 212-643-9748


Mike Lorrig
My Style Is: Clean, iconic, detail-oriented, saturated imaging. Dimensional lighting with emphasis on bright highlights in a minimalist environment.
Known For: My ability to create visually clean, graphic compositions and capture the beauty of a product in collaboration with the client’s objective.
Editorial Clients: In Style, Vogue, Wired
Advertising Clients: Bloomingdale’s, Helio, Maybelline
Contact: Winston West, 212-691-6788


Mitchell Feinberg
My Style Is: To borrow a phrase from Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, “I can not define it, but I know it when I see it.” Like pornography.
Known For: Shooting in 8-in. x 10-in. film without much need for retouching, and getting into trouble.
Editorial Clients: L’Officiel Hommes, New York Times Magazine, Numéro
Advertising Clients: Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford
Contact: Apostrophe, 212-279-2252


Monica Stevenson
My Style Is: Full of passion, life and dynamic color.
Known For: Bringing an elegant yet playful touch to the masculine world of still-life photography.
Editorial Clients: Money, Veranda, Vibe Vixen
Advertising Clients: Gillette, Hamilton Jewelers, Rimmel
Contact: CA Management, 212-414-2400


Nicolas Clerc
My Style Is: Clean and graphic but never clinical or cold as I bring life and sensitivity to the construction of the image and the objects.
Known For: My ability to bring life to the picture and for a sense of humor that can be felt in my work.
Editorial Clients: Numéro Paris, French Vogue, W
Advertising Clients: Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton
Contact: The Katy Barker Agency, 212-627-2558




Nigel Cox
My Style Is: Strong, graphic images across a broad range of subject matters.
Known For: Often choosing a low point of view when shooting cosmetics, combined with strong modeled lighting to imbue products with a majestic feel.
Editorial Clients: City, Esquire, Travel + Leisure
Advertising Clients: Bergdorf Goodman, Estée Lauder, Verizon Wireless
Contact: Apostrophe, 212-279-2252


Phil Marco
My Style Is:  Iconic, beautiful lighting achieved from years of working for the film industry and top clients.
Known For: My work with directors like Martin Scorsese, my artistry and my flawless technical abilities.
Editorial Clients: N/A
Advertising Clients: Giorgio Armani, Lancôme, Van Cleef & Arpels
Contact: Bernstein & Andriulli, 212-682-1490


Plamen Petkov
My Style Is: Clean, simple and minimally retouched.
Known For: Sleek, sexy, graphic images.
Editorial Clients: Harper’s Bazaar, Self, V
Advertising Clients: L’Oréal, MAC, Olympus
Contact: Chris Boals Artists, 212-924-8810


Richard Pierce
My Style Is: Iconic, bold and graphic.
Known For: Clean, beautifully lit and composed cosmetics, fragrance and skin care products.
Editorial Clients: Details, Men’s Vogue, W
Advertising Clients: Avon, Clinique, Estée Lauder
Contact: Ca1ca2, 212-219-9502


Robert Tardio
My Style Is: Simple, clean, elegant and graphic still life and beauty imagery.
Known For: Strong conceptual compositions and clean technical lighting.
Editorial Clients: Departures, In Style, Vogue
Advertising Clients: Avon, Coach, Talbots
Contact: Janice Moses Represents, 212-898-4898


Robin Broadbent
My Style Is: To find the sensuality in the shape of an object while respecting the classic precision of a well-crafted photograph.
Known For: Capturing a clean perfection with little or no need for retouching.
Editorial Clients: New York Times Magazine, Numéro, V
Advertising Clients: Estée Lauder, Rolex, Tom Ford
Contact: The Katy Barker Agency, 212-627-2558


Roger Jesus Cabello
My Style Is: Cosmetic compositions that I make myself with simple lighting and minimal computer manipulation.
Known For: My cosmetics work.
Editorial Clients: Allure, Cosmopolitan, Preen
Advertising Clients: Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, Maybelline
Contact: Cake-Factory, 212-337-3663


Ryann Cooley
My Style Is: That of someone who focuses on the conceptual and delivers polished images that feel very up-to-date.
Known For:  Working with products like the new Intel chip and bringing out the attributes that [it] has to offer. Also for working with liquids, splashes and pours.
Editorial Clients: Departures, Ladies’ Home Journal, Redbook
Advertising Clients: Intel, Playtex, Samsung
Contact: Robert Bacall Representatives, 212-695-1729


Sang An
My Style Is: Clean, graphic, feminine, organic and delicate.
Known For: Graphic compositions and elegant lighting.
Editorial Clients: Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, O, The Oprah Magazine
Advertising Clients: Coach, Godiva, Williams-Sonoma
Contact: Sarah Laird, 212-334-4280


Shinichi Maruyama
My Style Is: A contrast between conscientious technical precision and free, spontaneous motion, resulting in one-of-a-kind images.
Known For: My work with liquids, movement and splashes.
Editorial Clients: 125 Magazine, Arena, Interview
Advertising Clients: Neutrogena, Origins, Smirnoff
Contact: Artists & Creatives, 212-227-5056


Shu Akashi
My Style Is: Fiercely creative while maintaining a sense of simple precision.
Known For: My innovative melding of avant-garde and traditional ideals in photography.
Editorial Clients: V, Vogue Nippon, W
Advertising Clients: Cartier, Estée Lauder, Heineken
Contact: Walter Schupfer, 212-366-4675


Simone Rosenberg
My Style Is: Straightforward and clear but still unconventional.
Known For: High-end, hyper-realistic still life, architecture and landscape photography.
Editorial Clients: Amica, Five to Nine, Wallpaper
Advertising Clients: Dove, GM, Louis Vuitton
Contact: Corbis Artist Representation, 212-375-7719


Stan Musilek
My Style Is: An eclectic blend of fashion-inspired advertising.
Known For: An innovative, seamless and fresh point of view of people and products.
Editorial Clients:  Citizen K, Numéro, Vogue
Advertising Clients: Absolut, Adidas, Apple
Contact: 415-621-5336


Stephen Lewis
My Style Is: Clean graphic images that show the inherent beauty of the object.
Known For: Grouping disparate objects together to make a clear editorial statement.
Editorial Clients: New York Times Magazine, Vogue, W
Advertising Clients: Clinique, Coach, Dove
Contact: Art + Commerce, 212-206-0737


Stuart Heir
My Style Is: Clean, modern, graphic still life with an emphasis on beautiful things.
Known For: Big, edgy images with bold, saturated color, unusual propping and simplicity.
Editorial Clients: Avenue, Hint, Rolling Stone
Advertising Clients: Beauty Addicts, Bulova, Mouawad
Contact: Redux Pictures, 212-253-0399


Svend Lindbaek
My Style Is: Graphic and textured.
Known For: Beautifully and technically brilliant images of smears.
Editorial Clients: Glamour, In Style, Marie Claire
Advertising Clients: Almay, Estée Lauder, Maybelline
Contact: Blitz NY, 212-533-1229


Ted Morrison
My Style Is: Contemporary, clean, clever and colorful with masterful lighting and creative design.
Known For: My use of dramatic lighting, bold color and imaginative composition.
Editorial Clients: In Style, Interior Design, Robb Report
Advertising Clients: Bliss, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal
Contact: Clare Agency, 212-587-9009


Thomas C. Card
My Style Is: Whimsical, iconic and diverse.
Known For: Artful problem-solving.
Editorial Clients: Harper’s Bazaar, New York Times Magazine, Vogue
Advertising Clients: Coty, Elizabeth Arden, L’Oréal
Contact: Judy Casey, 212-228-7500


Timothy Hogan
My Style Is: Elegant and luxurious simplicity.
Known For: Exact lighting, the ability to distill the essence of whatever subject I face and for being easy to work with.
Editorial Clients: Absolute, City, Vogue
Advertising Clients: Calvin Klein, David Yurman, Tommy Hilfiger
Contact: CA Management, 212-414-2400


Toby McFarlan Pond
My Style Is: Something elegant.
Known For: Shooting groundbreaking still life and beauty work for campaigns and editorial.
Editorial Clients: Arena Homme+, Pop, W
Advertising Clients: Calvin Klein, Cartier, Prada Beauty
Contact: M.A.P., 212-677-2690


Declined to participate:
Christopher Baker, Ilan Rubin, James Wojcik, Richard Burbridge, Sivan Lewin