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“Tough and downtown, but quite polished,” said makeup artist Sil Bruinsma, for MAC Cosmetics, when describing the inspiration for the beauty look at Rebecca Taylor. Skin was monochromatic, which was achieved with Face and Body Concealer used minimally on the face and dabbed on the lips. Before heavy eye makeup was applied, Bruinsma used Mixing Medium Shine as a base. Then, to emphasize a worn-in look, the eyes were fully rimmed and heavily smudged with Kohl Power Eye Pencil. To finish, eyebrows were brushed up.

Meanwhile, “grungy chic” were the key words from hairstylist Rutger, who worked with Oribe. The style involved free-flowing hair with unkempt waves, meant to reference the style of a girl doing her hair in front of a mirror. To achieve this, he used Foundation Mist to add moisture before the hair was dried with a blow-dryer. Then he used a curling iron to create natural looking curves. “We have to keep working the hair until we get the right thing,” he said. Smooth Style Serum was then added to create a stringy texture without making it appear greasy. “It adds cool character in the hair,” he said. 

On the nail front, red was the color Keri Blair, lead nail artist for MAC, had in mind for the show. “It was just a matter of finding the right red,” she said. Blair mixed two red shades called Steamy and Flaming Rose — in a 30-to-70 ratio — to create a raspberry color. The bespoke name of the custom nail lacquer was Rosette, Blair said. A warm nude called PS None was used on the toes to create “synthetic” effect. “It makes the girls look like they have Barbie feet,” she said.

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