Highlights from CEW's 60 year history.1954: Cosmetic Career Women is established.1964: Cosmetic Career Women is renamed Cosmetic Executive Women.1975: The Achiever Awards are established.1986: CEW France is formed.1989: Estée Lauder is honored with the first Lifetime Achievement Award.1992: CEW U.K. is formed.1992: The first Newsmaker Forum runs and is led by Edwin Artzt, chairman and chief executive officer of Procter & Gamble.1993: The CEW Foundation is formed.1994: The Beauty Awards make their debut.1999: Carlotta Jacobson becomes president.2000: CEW consists of 400 members. 2001: Cancer and Careers launches.2002: Jeanette Wagner is honored with Lifetime Achievement Award.2003: Cancer and Careers launches a Spanish-language Web site and workbook.2004: The first Women in Beauty Series is held.2004: Cancer and Careers U.K. is formed.2004: The Young Executive Committee and program are established.2004: CEW membership reaches 850.2004: The Indie Beauty Award is established.2006: The Speed Networking event launches.2009: The Women in Beauty Series is introduced to the West Coast.2010: CEW and Boston Consulting Group release the first study on Women in the Beauty Industry.2010: CEW membership opens up to men, ending the year with 178 male members.2011: The Eco Beauty Award is established.2011: The Great Idea Award for Fragrance Innovation is created.2011: Cancer and Careers holds its first National Conference on Work and Cancer.2012: The Women and Men in Beauty Series bows with the first CEW panel discussion featuring men.2012: CEW’s Beauty Insider newsletter makes its debut.2012: CEW reaches 5,000 members.2013: CEW partners with NPD for its Hot Off the Press event.2013: CEW/NPD partner to deliver a proprietary Trends Forecast for CEW members.2013: QVC Beauty with Benefits raises $1 million to support Cancer and Careers.2013: The QVC Beauty Quest Award launches.2014: CEW male members reach 698.2014: CEW/BCG conduct an industry-wide study on talent requirements for the future.2014: CEW’s Top Talent Awards make their debut. 2014: CEW partners with Yahoo for Most Buzzed About Award.2014: Leonard A. Lauder will be the first man to receive the CEW Lifetime Achievement Award.2014: CEW consists of more than 6,000 members.2014: CEW Connect, its first interactive member directory, is introduced.

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