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Beauty Inc issue 10/12/2012


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It was Election Day in New York City, but that didn’t stop Christine Quinn, the city’s first female speaker of the Council, from stopping by L’Oréal’s 9th annual Women in Science awards ceremony to pay hommage to the five young women being recognized. “It’s so exciting to get to see all of you today, L’Oréal’s fellows,” said Quinn, “picking a field that is not historically dominated by women and not just doing it, but doing it at the highest, most significant levels.” The recipients were Dr. Christina Agapakis for her work in synthetic biology, Dr. Lilian Childress for her work in physics, Dr. Joanna Kelley for her work in genetics, Dr. Erin Marie Williams for her work in anthropology, and Dr. Jaclyn Winter for her work in biochemistry. Each received up to $60,000 toward her postdoctoral research. Also there celebrating were Frédéric Rozé, president and chief executive of L’Oréal USA, and François Delattre, French Ambassador to the U.S.

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