“The hair is cool, a bit like an uptown lady who gets windswept, puts on a beanie and squashes the hell out of it,” Eugene Souleiman said of the style he created for Isaac Mizrahi’s show on Thursday. “It’s raw texture, cobwebby and dry.”

Souleiman, who was working on behalf of Wella Professionals, applied the brand’s Ocean Spritz spray as he blew out the hair. He described the overall look as a “complicated” chignon. “The idea is hard, but the execution is easy,” he said. “It takes 10 minutes. It’s the perfect hair for a show, especially when girls [arrive] late.”

An elegant, airy bun was the main element of the style, and it was formed by pulling the hair up into a ponytail, looping and pulling it through and out of the loop. Delicate ends of the messy ponytail hung over the top of the bun.

Makeup artist Dick Page applied what he called a “sick coral” hue on the lips.

He began with a Shiseido lipstick shade and blended into it white and pink theatrical pigments to arrive at the final lip color. “It makes the lip stand away from the face,” he said of the pout, which was blurred because Page’s team smudged the lips with fingertips after brushing on the color. “3-D is the idea. Isaac wanted the lips to look synthetic. It will give a pop at the end of the runway where the photographers are.”

“There’s mascara, a groomed brow and a neutral face — more powdery than ordinary,” Page explained. “The details are the brow, lash and lip.

“The inspiration for the clothes are Xerox prints, photocopies,” he added. “So [Mizrahi] wanted the girls to look a little artificial.”

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