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Country superstar Carrie Underwood knows athing or two about putting on her “game face,”but in real life, foundation and hair extensionstake a backseat to a more simple routine. Here,the onetime American Idol winner and recentnewlywed talks about her beauty look for herbig day, as well as what she’d be doing if sheweren’t conquering the country-music charts. How do you define beauty? Beauty is a feeling, something we havean idea of, but each person knows what ittakes to make herself feel confident andable to do anything. Whether the outfit isgreat or you’re having a good hair day oryour makeup is great, it’s what makes youfeel better to get out there and make youdo better. What is your beauty routine while on tour? How do you maintain your look with such a hectic schedule? Everything for me has to be easy andaccessible. I don’t have time to get massagesand facials and hang out at the spa. Sleepingis important; I don’t take that for granted. What are your diet rituals while on tour to keep slim yet also energetic? I do not eat out hardly ever. Maybeif there’s a special occasion, or if myhusband comes and visits while I’m ontour, we will go to a restaurant. But Idon’t order room service when I’m ontour. My days off I spend at the grocerystore making sure we have plenty of foodwe can make on the bus. Who among your peers do you admire for their style, and why? Well, I have always been a fan of GwynethPaltrow and Reese Witherspoon. Nothingwith them is overdone, and I feel theydress comfortably in the clothes they wear. Did you meet Gwyneth at the Country Music Awards? I met her a while back at the Grand OleOpry. She may have been rehearsing forher movie. You won Americal Idol in 2005. What was it like to undergo a beauty transformation every week? Did you take away any tips? I learned how things on TV look verydifferent in person. How they make you upfor TV—you leave the house thinking youlook great, but then you see yourself andit’s, like, it’s very different. But it was niceto be made up—at the beginning. You were reecently married. Waterproof mascara? I did have waterproof mascara, but forthat day I didn’t want to do anything outof the ordinary. I have done all sorts ofdifferent things with my hair and makeup.I wanted to keep it me, no hair extensionsor anything. Mike was marrying me, not“Carrie Underwood,”but me, the personhe has seen throughout the relationshipwho didn’t have gobs of fake hair andmakeup. How are you balancing being a newlywed with such a demanding career? Having anunderstandinghusband isthe mostimportantingredientfor that, butmaking an effort is how we make it work, too. If he hasa day off, I can fly to see him even if it’s justfor a few hours. That’s what I will do more. You have been tapped by Olay, a multibillion-dollar franchise, to help lure a younger consumer to their brand. What about you do you think appealed to the brand? We are not luring [laughs]! I feel Olay is areputable brand that women have trustedfor a very long time, and for me, I think theywant to make sure women don’t see it as allabout wrinkle products. This is about howimportant it is to wear sunblock and takecare of your skin earlier so you don’t have toworry so much about it when you get older. You graduated from Northeastern with a mass communications degree with a major in journalism. How do you feel you have been covered by the press so far? It’s amazing to me because one of thethings we learned is to not misquote. Andto be honest, that is something I see lackinga lot, because magazines and the Internetwill say that “a source” said something or “afriend” said something. There’s no proof. It sounds like something you might be interested in revisiting? I would love to. I always loved being moreinvolved in editing and the whole processof writing a story. I would like to dohappy stories. I want to be the feel-goodreporter, for sure. How would you like to see your singing career evolve? I try not to set goals. You can miss out on alot. So I just wait for opportunities and seewhat comes and just go from there. How do you prep for the red carpet? It depends on the event. The CMA’s was avery hectic day because I was hosting. Butwe have fun with it and think of new thingsto do with hair and makeup. What is your daily beauty routine when not in the public eye? In the morning, I shower, I use a facialcleanser, an SPF and moisturizer. I likemakeup, so I do wear makeup daily, butthere is a big difference between a show dayand an off day. Foundation is for a showday but not for a normal day. Do you have a motto? Not really. I just try to take everything asit comes. High maintenance or low? Somewhere in the middle. I’m definitelynot high—but I’m not low.There is a time to dressup and put on the glitz.


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