Procter & Gamble Beauty is hoping to change the way people think about moisturization with a new approach dubbed Aquacurrent Science, designed to optimize moisture movement in the skin and hair.

“This is an approach to better harness the power of moisture and hydration for beauty care products and we’re looking to deliver formulation strategies that maximize the water’s movement across skin,” said Shekhar Mitra, vice president of global research and development for personal beauty at Procter & Gamble.

Inspired by aquaporins, natural proteins that are found in the body and channel an assortment of molecules through the body, such as water, the new science is designed to work with the natural properties of water to help the movement of moisture. To help measure the concentration of water in the skin’s levels beyond the surface layer, the company uses a laser-based measurement called confocal Raman microspectroscopy.

“Water is in constant movement in the surface of the hair and skin and this tool helps measure optimal hydration and water ingredients on the skin’s surface to ensure that the best formula of active ingredients is used,” said Mitra. “If the water can be delivered effectively across all layers of skin, then it leads to optimal hydration that leads to healthy skin and healthy hair.”

To help with the hydration process beyond the surface level of the skin, the company has adjusted the formulas of a number of its products — select items from Cover Girl, Oil of Olay, Pantene and the Secret brands. In order to “synergize the number of ingredients” in those brands, the company has maximized the effects of glycerin, petrolatum, niacinamide and amino acids. For hair, P&G has devised a special combination of surfactants, silicones and polymer gel matrix.

The products with Aquacurrent Science will be shipping over the course of the summer beginning in late May and fully available by August. New items that will be available include Regenerist Reversal Foaming Moisturizer and Deep Hydrating Mousse Cleanser, Quench Deep Moisture Body Lotion & Mousse and Olay Ribbons Body Wash, in addition to Secret Flawless Touch with Olay deodorant.

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