Makeup artist Mathias van Hooff, using L’Oréal products, described how he gave the models for Mulberry a delicate, pale face: “We’ve used Light Reflecting Foundation, then nude blusher mixed with moisturizer, which makes it even smoother. The key focus of the look is the eye, where we’ve used a very black, solid block of eyeliner. Instead of a curved line with a flick, it’s a straight, blunt line. We completed the eye with three layers of mascara on the top lashes and two layers on the bottom.” Van Hooff and his team used a peachy pink lipstick on the girls, “but only a little dab,” he said.

The tousled, beachy hair was the work of Sam McKnight, who gave each model a few tiny plaits here and there, and then secured the top two thirds of the hair in a loose, low-slung chignon at the back of the head. “The story behind the look is a girl who’s been out partying, then slept with all her hair and makeup — and gone out the next day,” he explained.

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