By  on September 8, 2013

Even lead artist Diane Kendal, who worked with Nars Cosmetics, claimed the look for Alexander Wang might be the most minimal makeup she’s done in a long time. “It’s very simple,” said Kendal. “His collection has a lot of masculine fabrics and the silhouettes are very sexy, but he wanted to keep that freshness and rawness for the girls.” First, Kendal applied Narsskin Aqua Gel Oil Free Moisturizer to give the face a natural dewiness. Keeping a fresh canvas, she used Stick Concealer where needed. Kendal refrained from any mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush or lipstick and finished with curling the lashes and brushing up with eyebrows with Oural Brow Gel.

“It’s always sexy,” said Guido Palau working with Redken and talking about the hair for the show. “It’s quite voluminous, it’s natural, but we’re putting a lot of extensions in and using a lot of thickening lotion.” To achieve the beachy mane with natural movement, Palau used Redken’s Powder Refresh 01 and Quick Tease 15 to create texture and attain a matte finish. Palau made a messy center part and used extensions to add fullness. Then, the hair was slightly tucked around the ears. “That volume is key to the luxe of it,” he said. “It is rough in texture, but it doesn’t feel coarse. It’s a nostalgic sexiness.”

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