Lauren Harris, 20, a student, said, "I don't like the smell of cheap fragrances, and they don't last as long. I think designer fragrances are too expensive. I like peach body gel from Victoria's Secret because body fragrances are more pleasant."

Rhonda Roberts, 29, a financial-aid officer, said, "I think fragrances can be a bit expensive, but the more expensive fragrances last longer. Most cheap fragrances stink. I like body gels because they seem to last longer."

Melanie Cason, 26, a bookkeeper, said, "Designer fragrances are too expensive because you get such small amounts; I feel like I'm paying for the name and promotion. Some cheap fragrances are good. I like body gels; they last long and they keep you from having to use as much cologne."

Anne Stuckey, 81, a physician, said, "I don't use perfumes because I get clean with soap, and in my profession, you work with children. But occasionally I use the bottle of Chanel No. 5 my husband gave me as a gift."

Carole Clark, 48, who works in marketing, said, "I don't think fragrances are too expensive -- you pay for what you want. I would never use a cheap fragrance. I would not enjoy them, not because of the price, but because of the scent. Besides, I use the entire line of Calvin Klein's Obsession. I like body gels and lotions; you can wear them with the perfume and have a total essence."

Tina Riley, 47, a certified public accountant, said, "Fragrances are not too expensive; you get what you pay for. I've never tried cheap fragrances. I am a Chanel No. 5 lady. Yes, I like bath gels because they make the whole bathroom smell good and make me smell good."

Elsie Nelson, 70, a homemaker, said, "Some fragrances are too expensive, especially when you are on a retired person's income. I can't use cheap fragrances because of allergies -- they are too strong and too harsh. But I can wear Ellen Tracy or Red. I don't use any of the body products because they are too strong for me."Marlene Pearlman, 57, a homemaker, said, "I think women will pay for what they want in a fragrance. I like to wear Fiji or Coco. I didn't know there were cheaper fragrances out now. I like the bath and body products because they are very relaxing."

Kerry Benshoff, 19, a student, said, "Fragrances are not necessarily too expensive. Some cheap perfumes are good. I use Bennetton's Colors or Liz Claiborne's Realities. I use Estee Lauder body soap because it was a gift."

Maria DeCapau, 41, who works in marketing, said, "I don't think the fragrances I use are expensive. I wear Beautiful and Knowing because I like floral fragrances. I just buy what I like."

Mary Piper, 58, and retired, said, "Yes, fragrances are too expensive, and I know all the sales pitches. I don't particularly like cheap fragrances because they are not true floral or spice. I use a lot of body lotions, gels and powders because it helps the fragrance, it helps layer and has a better linger."

Vickie Scaljon, 42, a homemaker and community volunteer, said, "Fragrances are not too expensive; the prices are in line. I actually have some cheap fragrances like Rive Gauche from Yves Saint Laurent. I like body gels and lotions. They are nice to layer fragrances."

Venica Cole, 19, a student, said, "Some of the fragrances are too expensive, and some are worth the high price because the smell lasts longer. The toilet waters are reasonable in price most of the time. I don't like cheap fragrances. The smell doesn't compare to the designer smell, and it doesn't last as long."

Maria Diaz, 21, a student, said, "I think the worth depends on the fragrance. I would say anything over $50 is too expensive, but expensive fragrances will last the whole day. I don't like cheap fragrance because they seem to smell bad after awhile -- after you perspire. I use the body lotion by Yves Saint Laurent -- body lotions last though the whole day."

Zemula Whitfield, 34, a sales associate, said, "I think fragrances are too expensive because they are just marketing a name. They all smell alike after awhile. I don't wear cheap fragrances, but you can find the same thing in a drugstore as you do in a department store. Body gels are great because it's cheaper than cologne and lasts longer -- it helps you cut back on the use of your cologne."Janice Houston, 48, a teacher, said, "Fragrances are somewhat too expensive. They would have a better turnover if the price was lowered. I wear Chanel No. 5. I don't like cheap fragrances. To me they have a loud smell, but if they had soft fragrances I would buy them."

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