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Betty Segura, a 17-year-old from Van Nuys, said, "I never buy perfumes because they are too expensive. The ones that I have are gifts. I like [Calvin Klein's] Eternity, [Parfums de Coeur's] Malibu Musk and [Coty's] Exclamation. I prefer my perfumes to be sweet smelling."

Vanessa Carlson, 17 and from Northridge, said, "Perfumes are very overpriced. The most I would ever pay for a perfume is $60. I wear Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers, Coco by Chanel and recently I bought Gio by Giorgio Armani. I like light, earthy scents."

Susan Malone, 35 and from El Segundo, said, "The only perfume I really like is Calyx [from Prescriptives]. Other than that I wear a lot of body oils. I usually get all of my fragrances from Nordstrom. Price does not matter if I like the scent."

Christine Dawson, 23 and from Hollywood, said, "A fragrance has to be really different with some pizzazz to it. I don't like to smell like everyone else. I like Nicole Miller or Knowing by Estee Lauder. Price does not matter to me."

Alex Wolfelsperger, 22 and from Los Angeles, said, "I only wear [Cacherel's] Anais Anais or Beautiful by Estee Lauder. I always go to Bullocks for perfume. I like a fragrance that is blooming and natural. I don't mind paying a lot for perfume, because you only need to buy it twice a year."

Ticiana Correa, 18 and from Los Angeles, said, "I like men's fragrances, because they are musky. I always wear [Christian Dior's] Fahrenheit. The only women's perfume I like is Eternity by Calvin Klein. I shop for them at Robinson's-May or The Broadway. If I like a scent the price does not matter."

Carolina Correa, 18 and from Los Angeles, said, "I like Christian Dior's Dune or Chanel's men's fragrance Egoiste. I wear men's fragrances a lot because I love musky scents. If I like a perfume, price does not matter."

Joan McClenney, 22 and from Los Angeles, said, "I love perfume and I buy everything. I can't wait till the new ones come out. One favorite is Venezia by Laura Biagiotti, and I just bought DNA by Bijan. I think perfumes are very overpriced. I wish they would make more package deals so that you can get the whole line."Petra Wouters, 24 and from Santa Monica, said, "I love Jill Sander. I prefer a scent which is light and a little sweet. I like to shop in little perfume boutiques because they always have everything plus more. Perfumes are very overpriced. You pay for the name."

Gretchen Ennis, 26 and from Santa Monica, said, "I like a warm amber scent. I usually wear either Chanel No. 5 in the Spring and Loulou in the winter. The most I have ever spent on perfume is $80, and I didn't mind because it was special. When you buy perfume you need to accept the prices."

Julie Karelitz, 19 and from Los Angeles, said, "I do not wear any perfumes. They are all too strong and overpriced. I buy a lot of body oils from The Body Shop. I like very natural oils with soft fruity scents."

Tammy Ponguarin, 19 and from Cerritos, said, "My three favorites are Eternity, Poison by Christian Dior and Lauren by Ralph Lauren. I do not feel perfumes are overpriced, because they are worth it. They last a long time and I have paid up to $60. I usually go to Robinson's-May and look for scents that are sweet, but not fruity."

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