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"I don't think fragrances are too expensive," said Amanda Lyon, a jeweler. "I'm willing to pay $50 or $60 for a small bottle. Right now, I'm wearing Ysatis, which is kind of light for daytime.

"I'm not familiar with Sunflowers, but I think less expensive fragrance is a great idea because a lot of young people are wearing fragrance now. It's a little bit easier for a young person to buy something like that, rather than drop $50 or $60."

Eileen Hood, an information and services manager, said, "I think fragrances are too expensive. I'm not willing to pay more than $50. When I think of cheaper scents, I think of drugstore brands. I haven't tried Sunflowers yet, and I don't plan to. I use Garden Botanika bath and body products, but as soon as I'm out of the shower I can't smell it anymore. It's nice when you're using it, but not instead of a fragrance."

Lynn Beck, a sales and marketing manager, said, "I don't think fragrances are too expensive because I've always thought of them as being a luxury item, a special touch. When I go to a store, I expect to pay a little bit more because fragrance, for me, is the ultimate treat.

"I'm willing to pay up to $75. That's been fine for me in terms of what I've been able to purchase. Right now, I'm wearing Calvin Klein's Escape. The cheaper scents don't mean anything to me. I love the scented bath and body products, but not instead of fragrance."

Marilyn Mudgett, an executive secretary, said, "Yes, I do think that fragrances are too expensive. But I'm willing to pay for them because I want them. My limit is about $40 for a parfum spray. I use it sparingly because I try to make it last as long as I possibly can.

"I'm turning to scented bath and body products because that's one of my ways of trying to make them last longer. That's what I did this morning with White Diamonds body lotion."

Caroline Aspnes, an administrative assistant, said, "I don't think fragrances are too expensive because they last a long time. I'm willing to pay $40 to $45, but I rarely buy fragrance for myself because I usually get them as gifts."Right now, I'm wearing Paloma Picasso, which I've been wearing for a while. It does depend, in part, on what mood I'm in. I also use Paloma's scented powder. However, scented bath and body products aren't something I would use in place of a fragrance."

Florina Shutin, an administrative assistant, said, "I'm willing to pay for a good fragrance. I find that there are various levels of quality in fragrance. You pay for the quality, so I think the prices are fine. I generally pay between $50 and $65, but I won't go over $100. I usually wear Paloma Picasso or Fendi. I find most of the cheaper scents are too flowery and the quality is not quite up to par."

Patty Howell, an administrative assistant, said, "I really do think fragrances are too expensive, but I pay the price. Generally, I level out at about $75 for Giorgio of Beverly Hills. I also wear Poison, Opium and Jessica McClintock, which is the perfume I have on now. The lower range of my fragrance preferences is Priscilla Presley's Moments, which I came across by accident. I really enjoy that scent because it's very light.

"I haven't tried Sunflowers because, to me, you can't smell most cheaper scents and you have to wear a lot of it. You are constantly reapplying it.

"I use scented bath and body products along with my fragrances. This gives [my husband] something to buy for me at Christmas time when the department stores have packaged sets of the different accessories that come along with the perfumes."

Katherine Kushell, an administrative assistant, said, "I do think fragrances are too expensive. Right now, I've maxed at $42 for 0.85 fluid ounces of a perfume, and I really can't see going above that. If I have to go above that, I'll change to something else. The gift packages and gifts-with-purchase that department stores are offering are definitely an incentive to buy, especially if I'm going to try something new. I feel I'm getting more bang for the buck. Whether I am or not is open to question.

"I haven't used scented bath and body products very much these days because past experience has shown me that they don't last very long. The fragrance that I use now is just coming out with those products, and I might try them somewhere down the line, especially if it looks like they might be cheaper. And because it's a new fragrance for me, I'd be inclined to give it a shot. They just don't pack the same punch as perfume."YoungHae Chu, a public relations executive, said, "Yes, I think fragrances are too expensive. Usually I end up paying more than I'd like to because I like a particular fragrance. But I do think that the designer names and the kinds of fragrance that you buy in department stores are overly expensive. I think the $30 to $40 range would be reasonable.

"I would be more inclined to buy body lotions that have that same scent, as opposed to buying a perfume, since that's a little bit cheaper. I use the Paco Rabanne eau de cologne. Right now I'm wearing a Clarins body spray."

Jamie Gier, a public relations intern, said, "Being a recent college graduate and not having a lot of money, I sure do think fragrances are too expensive. I probably wouldn't spend more than $80. Right now, I'm wearing Knowing by Estee Lauder.

"There isn't anything in the cheaper perfumes that interests me. I'd rather buy the more expensive fragrances. I also buy the lotions that go with Knowing and the other fragrances I buy."

Cinco Calfe, a public relations intern, said, "I think they are expensive, but when you consider that fragrance lasts an entire year, I don't think it's too much to pay. For something that smells nice and you won't get tired of wearing, I'd be willing to spend about $60 a bottle.

"I've sampled the less-expensive fragrances, and I haven't found one that I liked."

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