By  on February 8, 2013

“Imagine a young girl running through the Russian tundra” was how Luc Bouchard, lead makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, described faces at Tadashi Shoji’s collection. To achieve this frostbitten look, Bouchard forwent foundation, opting for MAC Skin Smoother instead. To showcase the eyes, he applied Superslick liquid eyeliner near the lash line in a shimmery silver for a wintery flick of light. To complement the look, Bouchard frosted the inner eyelid with Omega eye shadow and highlighted the nose and cheekbones. A dark burgundy lipstick was applied to the lips for a “just bitten” look.

“The inspiration for today is a Gothic disheveled look,” said Rodney Cutler, for Redken and Ulta. To achieve the style, Cutler, founder of Cutler Salon, used Redken Guts as a foundation to give the hair, well, “guts.” Powder Grip was then applied to the hair so it stayed in place without showcasing the tackiness of hair spray. To finish off the look, each model’s hair was then twisted behind the left ear and into a bun over the right shoulder.

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