By  on February 10, 2013

The Tracy Reese girl may have just come home from the night before, but she by no means is a mess.

“She’s been out all night, not necessarily drunk,” said Mally Roncal describing the look for Sunday’s show. “She could have been working the night shift or she could have been out with her girlfriends, she’s just been out.” Beginning with the foundation, Roncal looked to keep the skin natural or what she called “artfully undone.” Using Mally Beauty French Kiss on the lips, she applied it to the models first thing and let it set as they were getting prepared for the show. Before they went to change, Roncal quickly took it off and didn’t touch it up before the show. Next, she created the makeup’s key element. “The eyes are very, very smoky black,” said Roncal. “Solid, opaque and very matte.” After applying Mally Beauty Soho Smoky Eye Kit, she used a naked mascara wand and bended it to each girl’s specific eye shape. Then, she dipped it in the cream eyeliner and added a smudge to the corner of the model’s eye.

Jeanie Syfu for TRESemmé followed suit in terms of inspiration. “The hair is a little undone,” said Syfu, “but polished. We wanted it to have a bed-heady feel.” She began by dampening the hair and applying Thermal Creations Volumizing Mousse throughout the roots to provide texture and volume. Next, the hair was flipped and rough dried with her fingers. The hair was then flipped back over and was styled to create a front sweep by brushing the hair from the front of the crown over to own side diagonally. Teasing the crown of the head for a lift, she finished it off with 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray and pulled out pieces for a wispy, undone soft finish. “It’s casual,” said Syfu, “not overthought.”

Using Sally Hansen products, Tracylee fashioned a harsh, yet feminine nail look. First, she applied a coat of Wedding Glitter. Keeping an outline of the gold shade, she layered it with New Wave Blue to appear as if the nail has a border.

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