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MALIBU, Calif. — Given that she's had her salon for close to three decades, Veronica Barton has been slow to jump on the private label bandwagon.

But now the owner of the upscale Veronica Skin and Body Care Center in the Malibu area, frequented by numerous A-list celebs who live in the neighborhood, has decided the time is right to launch her own skin care line.

Based on the feedback, concerns and needs of her rich and famous clients, the collection — called simply Veronica Malibu — is also designed to appeal to their jet-set lifestyles.

With an initial four-stock-keeping-unit offering, the collection is designed to deal with face, eye, neck and décolleté care.

The Hydra Plus Serum can be used on the face, neck and around the eyes, with a tiny drop applied under makeup or sunscreen.

"It's good for every type of skin," said Barton. "It has hyaluronic acid and tea tree oil, which are good for tightening the skin and help to plump it up."

Barton is a fan of serums and has included another one in the second product in the collection, Seaweed Peptide Serum, which also contains algae extracts. Seaweed has the same pH as skin, while tripeptides reportedly mimic the effects of Botox by temporarily relaxing facial muscles and smoothing out lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

The Alpha Lipoic Antioxidant Cream is light and moist, and contains DMAE, which is a powerful antioxidant, combined with alpha lipoic acid. Cu complex — essentially copper — restores the skin's vitality and acts as an anti-inflammatory, while other ingredients include coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, retinol, grape seed oil and orange flower extract, which serves to tone and tighten the pores.

"We've used neroli so the cream smells beautiful as well," said Barton. "I wanted something that would be excellent for tender skin, or people who had rosacea and acne. And because it's so light, it can be used around the eyes and on the neck."

Her salon has a retail corner, which has been selling 10 major lines for 15 years, four of them for as long as she's been in business. The brands she retails include Boscia, Guinot and Skinceuticals, although she picks and chooses what she believes are the best of the lines."I try to stay on the cutting edge of skin care products and treatments," said Barton, who has a nutritionist and acupuncturist on her premises. "I especially love products with peptides in them. From the beginning, I wanted a superpeptide serum and a wonderful antioxidant cream that would be very hydrating. I used to have terrible acne, so I could relate to wanting something for sensitive and acne-prone skin. I've been very particular about getting the formula just right."

She is also close to unveiling a sunscreen, which will be ready in the next few weeks, and she is working toward launching two cleansers, a toner and a body lotion. Barton believes that women don't need more than about six products for total face and body care, and that the hundred-sku's lines can be very confusing to consumers.

"I know what's missing out there and I know what women want," said Barton. "I'm almost 60, and I never want to go under the knife. I don't believe in invasive procedures, and I believe there are things that we can do where we don't have to have surgery."

The products retail for between $35 for the sunscreen to $155 for the antioxidant cream. Barton said she's looking into placing the collection in high-end boutiques, in addition to her own salon and online.

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