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The hair doodad has gone deluxe.Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel and hair accessories brand Lelet NY have melded minds to create a 15-piece collection of fashion-forward mane pieces befitting both red carpets and city streets. Launched Wednesday, the collection contains bobby pins, cuffs, barrettes, combs, hairpins, headbands, halos (reverse headbands) and ponytail holders made out of 18-karat gold plate, sterling silver plate, rose gold plate and rhodium, and priced from $98 to $688.“I like collaborating with hairstylists because it’s one of the best ways for me to think outside of the box. They have a very specific vision and, from that vision, I can really elaborate on the pieces,” said Lelet NY founder and creative director Sara Bieler Sasson. “Adir has always been my favorite hairstylist. If you look at his work, it’s very structural, and it's very three-dimensional. I have an architecture background, so we speak the same language.”Abergel’s vision for hair accessories was to avoid kitsch and crystals, and elevate pieces that are sometimes afterthoughts by concentrating on modern shapes, craftsmanship and functionality. Bieler Sasson said she and Abergel toiled over six months to perfect the pieces they partnered on, and Abergel noted textured metallic barrettes in the collection went through around 15 iterations until the hammering on them emulated water exactly how he desired. Bieler Sasson figured the majority of the pieces endured five rounds of tinkering before they were finalized.“I wanted them to almost be heirloom pieces where there was a lot of love, thought and workmanship behind them. I didn’t just want another accessory line,” said Abergel, adding that, prior to his collaboration with Lelet NY. “I never really used hair accessories that much because I never really found anything that had a certain kind of edge and sophistication to it. It felt all very much on the romantic end of things, and the way I look at accessories is almost like an extension of jewelry and more sculptural.”The sculptural aspects of Abergel’s pieces with Lelet NY are evident. Quill bobby pins and a quill halo have undulating feathers of metal that are curved by hand. An infinity halo offering is twisted and tapered, while a so-called O pin is looped at the apex and cascades into waves at the base. “This collection is extremely focused, which is not something I normally do, and it’s also extremely refined because Adir has a very refined aesthetic, and he is thinking about his A-list clients when he designs,” said Bieler Sasson.A chain comb in the collection has gotten the most attention. Abergel put it on Marion Cotillard, Jessica Biel, Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Kirby, and the multiple applications demonstrate its versatility. “The nice thing about this collection is that people can utilize the pieces in very different ways. It’s about using your imagination,” Abergel said. “That piece is one of my favorites because you can reimagine it again and again. On Vanessa, I braided into her hair in a more romantic way, whereas I used that piece on Jessica Biel at the Golden Globes with hair that was a bit harder, sleeker and had edge and a fashion sensibility to it.”Abergel’s and Bieler Sasson’s first encounter is the stuff of social-media magic. Personally manning communications for her budding brand, Bieler Sasson recalled she reached out to Abergel through Instagram fully expecting the renowned hairstylist to ignore her. He didn't. In his response, Abergel told Bieler Sasson he rarely incorporated hair accessories into his clients’ tresses, but he’d be willing to help her if and when he could. A year later in 2014, Abergel turned to Bieler Sasson for a piece Anne Hathaway sported at a premiere. “Anne’s hair was very short at the time, and it was hard to make it look different,” he explained. Fast forward to 2016, and Abergel and Bieler Sasson were in the throes of constructing hair accessories together.The pair might team up for an encore collection. Abergel and Bieler Sasson are enthusiastic about the idea — and early sales of their current range are strong, showing consumers are enthusiastic as well. The initial production runs of the quill bobby pins, quill halo and narrow metallic barrette sold out within a day on Lelet NY’s web site, and they’ve been reordered to meet demand. Select pieces are heading to Net-a-porter and Violet Grey, according to Bieler Sasson. “It’s a collection that can do well year-round,” she said. “It’s not something that’s trendy for one season and goes out of style.”

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