Britney's cue-ball was clearly a cry for help. But whatever the cause, shorn doesn't have to be ugly.

Britney’s cue-ball ’do was clearly a cry for help. But whatever the cause, shorn doesn’t have to be ugly, and can even look downright gorgeous (see Demi Moore in GI Jane and Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta). We asked some beauty gurus for advice on how Brit can accentuate the positive.


“Britney has a very pretty face, but now that she’s topless she has to be careful with her makeup. I love a smoky eye, but in this case such a dramatic look isn’t right. A natural eye, with tawny beiges and soft lashes would be better. Contouring her cheeks, instead of using color on the apples, will make her face seem less round. And a strong, bold lip would be perfect.”
Mally Roncal, makeup artist


“She should embrace this time as an opportunity. Ditch the wigs, which are like an admission of regret. Britney always looks better with light hair—dark shades can look depressing on her, so why not bleach it? A choppy, pixie style in a super-light color would be fantastic, and would be a physical way to symbolize a fresh, new image.”
Rodney Cutler, hairstylist


“This was a bold statement to show that she’s shedding her girly pop-star image and wants to be taken seriously. The true Britney—in control and independent—is coming out! She should aim for a thicker brow, which shows strength. Bringing the inner corners of her brows down toward the nose, with a higher arch, will make her face appear more heart- shaped and less doll-like.”
Robert Sweet William, brow expert