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Pantene and its newest spokeswoman, Courteney Cox, want consumers to remember that hair ages, too.

Come November, Pantene will introduce Pantene Expert Collection, a new hair-care collection, and Cox will serve as its face. Pantene Expert is comprised of two new sublines, AgeDefy and Advanced+ Keratin Repair, both of which tackle side effects from hair aging.

“I’ve always been a fan of Pantene,” said Cox, who added that she uses both new collections herself. “I was not expecting how my hair was changing as I got older. [It] was starting to get dry, brittle and thinner.”

To combat and repair damage, Pantene’s most recent ranges, which are priced between $8.99 for a shampoo and $18.99 for a treatment, utilize new technologies, which claim to thicken hair density (AgeDefy) and improve hair health (Advanced+ Keratin Repair).

“With such an important launch for Pantene on the horizon, we needed a brand ambassador who could represent beauty at any age, and someone who could really speak to the needs of women experiencing hair aging and extreme hair damage,” said Kevin Crociata, marketing director of North American hair care at Procter & Gamble Co. Referring to Cox,  Crociata said, “All women can identify with her warm and open personality and willingness to share her honest opinions on beauty and aging.”

Regarding her seemingly ageless looks, Cox said her secret includes staying hydrated, sleeping, exercising, eating plenty of greens and cleaning skin with a hot towel. In terms of staying “balanced” in her personal life, Cox — a self-professed hands-on mom to eight-year-old Coco — takes everything in stride. “I take Coco everywhere with me,” said Cox, who is also still very involved in acting and is filming the fourth season of “Cougar Town,” which premieres on Jan. 8. “It’s important to always have your kid around,” she said, “but don’t beat yourself up when you can’t be there.”

Looking to the future, Cox, who calls herself very “visual and detail-oriented,” said directing a “thriller, would be a dream.”

Television and print ads for AgeDefy and Advanced+ Keratin Repair featuring Cox will roll out in October. She will also be utilized by the brand digitally and for in-store displays.

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