Contract and private label manufacturer Mana Products Inc. is stepping further into the consumer space with the launch of a new professional hair product line, called Style Edit.

Beginning this month, the firm will start rolling out the collection’s debut product, a targeted root eraser called Style Edit Conceal, to professional salons across the country. Industry insiders estimate the product, which is scheduled to be in 8,000 doors by yearend, could generate between $6 million and $10 million at retail.

For this initiative, marketing and product development teams from Xania Labs, a division of Mana Inc., conducted a “grass roots panel” of nearly 75 salons across the country to better understand what consumers’ biggest hair concerns were.

“Clients are saying that about two weeks after they get their hair colored, grays come in,” said Paul Masturzo, general manager of Mana Products Inc. He noted that the new product is designed to touch up gray roots.

The Style Edit product line, which Masturzo calls “need-based, solution-focused and stylist-tested,” is meant to remain highly edited, with no more than 15 total stockkeeping units in the collection. According to the brand, five more styling products, designed to address volume, frizz, straight and curly hair, will be introduced in the spring-summer of 2013. In addition, all Style Edit offerings feature a first-to-market biomimetic complex, “which is said to recognize hair’s specific needs and respond to them.”

Masturzo asserts that the new styling products contain a proprietary damage repair technology that is meant to address breakage, split ends and color fade. He added that each product has a special ingredient complex designed to fix specific problems.

Available in four shades — Blonde, Auburn-Red, Medium-Light Brown and Black-Dark Brown — Style Edit Conceal, which retails for $19.50, is a lightweight “color-adjusting” spray that the brand says will match any hair color without flaking. The formula, which is said to dry in minutes and wash out with one shampoo, is dispensed via a pinpoint applicator, designed to precisely target grays.

Masturzo added, “It’s a way for consumers to stretch their dollars and extend time between salon visits.”

This is not Mana’s first go at consumer products: Xania Labs offers a hair care product, called Mane Boost, and a skin care offering, Skin Pulse, both sold exclusively in beauty supply stores. Another division, QB Labs, sells Gray Away through  mass retail distribution. Mana Products also has an e-commerce site for professional hair care line Profound Beauty. Coinciding with the product launch is the introduction of styleedit.com, an informational Web site which directs consumers to the salons nearest them that carry the product.