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Calling for an appointment, killing time in the waiting room, shelling out lots of cash are familiar territory when it comes to professional beauty treatments.

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Calling for an appointment, killing time in the waiting room, shelling out lots of cash: All are familiar territory when it comes to getting professional beauty treatments. These new at-home machines could make all that a thing of the past.



Recently approved by the FDA to zap zits quickly, ThermaClear won’t leave behind red, flaky, irritated skin. The secret is a controlled surge of heat, similar to laser treatments done in dermatologists’ offices. When this thermal energy is applied (just a few seconds on each spot), it safely penetrates the top layer of skin and effectively neutralizes the bacteria that feed existing blemishes; the result is clearer skin two to four days faster than when untreated. ($149.95; thermaclear.com)

Completely Bare Wax Works Kit

The iconic hair removal salon opens a new location—in your home. This complete set has everything necessary for a smooth, hair- and irritation-free body, including two types of wax (regular and sensitive), strips, spatulas and a pro-quality heater that gets to just the right temperature. You also get a bottle of Completely Bare’s 2-in-1 moisturizer and hair regrowth inhibitor, plus a Swarovski crystal tattoo to mimic the salon’s signature waxing experience. Learn how to use it by watching the enclosed DVD, or attending a Wax Works class at the downtown New York location. ($135; completelybare.com)


Who doesn’t have 15 minutes a day to focus on getting great skin? That’s the idea behind this device that employs massage, infrared rays and positive and negative ions for a firmer, less wrinkled and brighter complexion. Pass the wand over the face and neck to deep-clean pores, improve facial muscle tone, prep skin for better absorption of products and help lift sagging skin. ($400; coastalproductsinternational.com)

Rejuva Wand

Clinical studies have shown that this at-home implement reduces fine lines and wrinkles by 20 percent in 30 days. Red and infrared light leave the outer layer of skin unharmed, while stimulating collagen production in deeper layers. A hyaluronic acid-rich gel and the wand’s gentle massage help boost moisture and increase circulation; ancillary cleanser, toner and moisturizer can be purchased for added benefits. ($199.95; rejuvawand.com)

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