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Beauty Inc issue 04/11/2008

When clients come calling with an urgent need to primp for a gala, red-carpet event or last-minute photo shoot, these beauty experts already have their bags packed and ready to go.

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The Makeup and Hair Practitioner 
Byron Williams, Byron Williams
Contact: 310.276.4470

In the upper echelons of Beverly Hills’ society, Williams is the go-to come-to-you beauty guru. One lady has paid him to prep her six mornings a week for the last decade. Williams, who also counts Rachel Zoe and Lindsay Lohan as fans, charges a minimum of $300 for hair and $300 for makeup; prices can run to $4,000. Of his clients, Williams says, “They like the comfort and luxury of someone coming to their house. You feel like a queen.” For the true royal treatment, Williams will tag along on trips—he recently primped a businesswoman for meetings she had in New York. So how did he get to the opposite coast? Private jet, of course.

The Mane Authority
Daniel MartineZ, Warren-Tricomi Salon
Contact: 323.651.4545

Martinez’s itinerary during a recent week included a palatial Malibu estate, a suite in the Four Seasons Beverly Hills and a backstage Hollywood dressing room. “Our market is a celebrity market,” he says, coyly keeping his clients’ screen credits under wraps. “It’s a client who is always at events.” At $250 an hour plus service fees, his price is at least double that at Warren-Tricomi’s West Hollywood outpost. Martinez books at least three house calls a week between stints at the salon, so prebooking is a must. A Malibu couple pencils him in every six weeks for quick snips. Lucky for Martinez, the ocean vista is his favorite—and he’s seen all the views the city has to offer.

The Nail Nurse
Kimmie Kyees, Fred Segal Beauty
Contact: 310.451.3808

The fingers of the fabulous aren’t different from anyone else’s—except for the amount of money they handle—and no one knows that better than Kyees. “I work with everyone from celebrities to wealthy housewives,” she says. “There’s a broad demand for [at-home] services because of traffic, privacy and [because] people are so busy.” Kyees, who handles up to five clients a day, says her most popular service is a $200 manicure and pedicure combo, which takes 90 minutes. She typically carries about 100  bottles of nail polish, with Essie, OPI and China Glaze favorites. Kyees says celebs love brights (she recently gave Rihanna vibrant yellow nails), so she always totes “an Eighties party bag” with “teals, salmons, yellows, colors that are bizarre and fun.”

The Color Specialist
Nelson Chan, Nelson J Salon
Contact: 310.274.1553

About every six months, Chan is whisked away to a far-flung location to tint the hair of some famous so-and-so. Sarah Michelle Gellar, a regular for years, flew him to a film set in Canada to change her golden locks to chocolate brown. “It took four hours to do her hair, but, in total, it took four days,” he says. The customary, closer-to-home visit takes three to six hours. Chan estimates he usually does one or two a week, and typically he offers basic coloring and a blowout. For each road trip, he lugs eight to 10 different hues and a smattering of styling products, sprays and brushes. Chan’s visiting rate, which starts at $500 and can rise to $1,500, is about three times that at his Beverly Hills salon.

The Face Therapist

Kelly Viavattine, Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts
Contact: 323.655.7546

Paris Hilton avoids the paparazzi by inviting Viavattine into her home for facials. Starlets are nothing novel to Viavattine: She honed her skills at Hollywood’s celeb fave Kate Somerville. Somerville’s signature Dermal Quench antiaging facial, which delivers oxygen, vitamins and hyaluronic serum, costs $250 in-spa, but spikes to $1,000 when Viavattine hits the road. Hollywood’s baby boom has her in the driver’s seat more often than not. New moms (Viavattine is, well, mum on names) request her weekly. “This is a regular thing for them, having people come in and out for services.”

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