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Beauty Inc issue 11/09/2007

Popular belief suggests that beauty is a one-size-fits-few proposition. Not so, says photographer Jason Fosco, who spent one full year capturing the eclectic and varying assets of women he encountered in his travels.

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Drawn to the offbeat beauty of the hip girls in his NoLIta neighborhood, photographer Jason Fosco wanted to find a way to capture their unique and unusual style. So, working tirelessly each day to scope and then convince the women who caught his eye to pose for him, Fosco spent from April 2006 to April 2007 photographing them, a different beauty for every day, 365 days in all. “Beauty is really inspiring on all levels,” says Fosco, “and when you see these pictures, you see that [the women] come in different shapes, sizes and ethnicities. This is where I live and I wanted to capture it.” The project, entitled Belle de Jour, is currently in the works to be published as a book, and Fosco has plans to do a gallery show. “My purpose was to find out if there is this perfect beauty…and the short answer is that there is but there isn’t,” says Fosco. “The whole project in its entirety tries to explain that and the reader should decide if they feel so or not.”

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