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Beauty Inc issue 10/14/2011

Product developers were certainly busy in 2010. Here, a look at the number of product launches, plus breaking down key skin care ingredients by revenue.

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Number of Launches

1,105 New Shades of Lipstick

263 New Shades of Nail Polish

1,500 New Skin Care Products (250 of which were facial moisturizers.)

Key Skin Care Ingredients

In the U.S. personal care market, specialty actives are the most dynamic segment, with sales of $240 million, expected to grow annually at about 4 percent, according to Kline Group. Botanicals are the most important category, with sales approaching $100 million.

Breakdown by Ingredients

1. Botanicals

2. Proteins & Peptides

3. Biotechnology Products

4. Marine Ingredients

5. Enzymes & Coenzymes


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