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Beauty Inc issue 08/10/2012

What’s in Marina’s Bag

Marina Salomão
Date/Time: 6.21.2012, 4:45 p.m.
Location: 5 Times Square, New York, NY

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22-year-old Marina Salomão arrived in New York the day before from Brazil. After a much- anticipated visit to Madame Tussauds in Times Square, she headed to Sephora to pick up some necessities to bring back home.

“Most of the brands sold in the U.S. are not sold in Brazil, and those that are, are much more expensive,” says Salomão. A law student, Salomão says that her image is important. “I wash my face every day with Clean & Clear. I apply toner, moisturize and use La Roche-Posay sunblock,” she says. “I then put on mascara, eyeliner and a little gloss.” Today, a Sephora employee gave Salomão a tour of the brands offered and provided her with a makeover in the process, an experience she calls “marvelous.” Salomão decided to purchase some of the products used during her session. “I usually buy from Super Beauty in Brazil, but there tends to be long lines,” says Salomão. “But today that wasn’t the case since we had our Sephora stylist on hand.”

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What’s in Alex’s Bag

Shopper: Alex Van Amson
Date/Time: 6.21.2012, 3:55 p.m.
Store: Inglot
1592 Broadway, New York, NY


Alex Van Amson, 22, was spotted at Inglot Times Square getting a makeover from the store’s manager. This was her first visit to Inglot. “The displays and vibrant colors drew me in,” says Van Amson. “It just looked like they had a lot of variety and quality products inside.” An anthropology major at Columbia University, Van Amson was looking to update her look before starting her summer internship. “Since I’m going to be a senior, it’s a lot about networking,” says Van Amson. “We have a lot of big events over the summer so I was looking for something new and fresh.” Being a student, multifunctionality and price are two important factors when considering products. She counts Amazon as a great outlet for discount beauty goods, and says reader reviews help inform her product purchases. “I like to know how real people perceive products,” says Van Amson. “Some have great insight, things that you wouldn’t necessarily think of.”

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