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Beauty Inc issue 10/14/2011

What’s in Ann’s Bag

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Shopper: Ann Martindale, 38

Date/Time: 9.16.2011, 12:43 p.m.

Store: Carol’s Daughter

Location: 139 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


Ann Martindale, an emergency service operator from Crown Heights, became a lifelong Carol’s Daughter fan after visiting the brand’s first store on DeKalb Avenue. “There were so many delicious products,” she enthuses. For Martindale, who works nights, beauty products must perform well and smell great. “The creams are thick and luxurious and leave your skin soft, with a bit of a sheen, which I love,” she says. Martindale, who bought a $5 membership entitling her to 10 percent off all year and additional discounts, also likes that Carol’s Daughter supports charitable organizations. “It makes me feel good because I know I’m helping someone,” she says. Naming brands like Pantene, Sebastian, MAC and Maybelline as other favorites, Martindale rarely wears makeup during the week, but can’t live without moisturizer and lip gloss. “I’m pretty basic, but I like to feel pampered,” she says. “Carol’s Daughter gives me a feel-good feeling.”


What’s in Debbie’s Bag

Shopper: Debbie Rabinovici, 23

Date/Time: 9.16.2011, 3:00 p.m.

Store: Miomia

Location: 218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Film development coordinator Debbie Rabinovici came to Miomia in search of a specific product. “I went on Yelp and saw a lot of recommendations for Fatboy Perfect Putty and for this store,” says Rabinovici, 23, who was seeking a styler that would impart a “beachy, matte” texture. Despite never before visiting Miomia, Rabinovici says the reviews convinced her to give it a try. “It’s in a great neighborhood and has a lot of corporation-free and organic products, which I’m conscious about,” she says. Rabinovici was also on the hunt for a fragrance and something to tackle her dark circles, and also bought a face scrub, recommended by owner Katie Chang. “It’s great there’s someone to help me find the right products,” says Rabinovici, who had never heard of many of the brands. Naming Kiehl’s, Caudalie and Lorac as favorites, Rabinovici says she would “absolutely” come back, noting, “It’s a great alternative to Sephora, because you still get one-on-one assistance and variety.”

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