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Beauty Inc issue 05/10/2013

What’s in Leslie’s Bag?

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SHOPPER: Leslie Golden

DATE/TIME: 4.11.2013, 1:45 p.m.

STORE: Duane Reade Look Boutique

LOCATION: 250 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.


On her way to meet a friend at lunch, Leslie Golden stopped into Duane Reade’s Look Boutique to pick up some “odds and ends.” “Honestly, I’m not rich,” says Golden, “so I get a lot of stuff at places like this.” The 25-year- old bartender claims she spends about $20 per month on beauty products, but she still manages to splurge periodically at Sephora. “I order online from Sephora, rather than going to the store,” she says. “I purchase things I’ve used before, but sometimes I’ll try new stuff when there’s a special.” When asked what she loves about shopping for beauty products, Golden cites her love for makeup. “When I’m browsing, color really strikes me. That’s what grabs my attention,” she says. “Right now, I’m really into nudes, and for summer I’ll probably transitioninto peach.”

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What’s in Kristen’s Bag?

SHOPPER: Kristen Batzer

DATE/TIME: 4.11.2013, 3:20 p.m.

STORE: Woodley & Bunny

LOCATION: 196 N 10th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.


After a quick workout, Kristen Batzer stopped by Woodley & Bunny for the first time to buy Sachajuan’s Volume Shampoo. She had used it at a friend’s house, and an online search showed that the retailer was the only store that sold it. The 34-year-old nurse looks to Allure, Vogue and her friend’s bathrooms for new product recommendations. “I like to try new stuff all the time,” she says. “Mix it up a little bit.” Batzer spends around $800 annually on products. “It makes me feel good about myself,” she says. “It’s like buying the best outfit you could buy and being able to wear it everyday.” Where possible, she prefers organic items. “I’m not necessarily a no-chemicals-on-my-face sort of person, I just think it’s better for my skin,” she says. “But the main thing is that it makes me look awesome. Everything else is secondary.”

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