Acne Solution Brand Clearogen Enters Retail

Advanced Skin & Hair Inc., which has sold its hair loss and skin care products through doctor’s offices, is launching its acne remedy on sephora.com.

Advanced Skin & Hair Inc.'s Acne Line Clearogen

Advanced Skin & Hair Inc. is making a push into retail.

The Los Angeles-based company, which has sold its hair-loss and skin-care products through doctor’s offices, is launching its acne solution Clearogen on sephora.com this month. The Clearogen launch comes after Advanced Skin & Hair’s Revivogen Pro thinning hair products rolled out to all Ulta stores in 2013. By the end of 2014, industry sources estimate as much as $5 million in sales could be generated between the two lines through retail distribution.

“Most people are not going to be going to dermatologists or plastic surgeons to pick up these products. Most people will pick up these products at retail, whether it is Sephora, Ulta or other places,” said Alex Khadavi, the dermatologist founder of Advanced Skin & Hair. “We wanted to make them more available to everyone and not just people getting the products from their doctors.”

Clearogen is a three-step acne remedy made up of a foaming cleanser, a clarifying toner and an acne lotion. On sephora.com, a 30-day supply will be priced at $39. Individual products will be sold in sizes meant to last two months at $28 to $32. A two-month supply of Revivogen Pro costs $69.

“The products that we develop are very unique in that they are not just a me-too product,” emphasized Khadavi. “They are not just the next benzoyl peroxide for acne. They are not the next antibiotics for acne. It’s not just the next minoxidil for hair loss. These are products that address the root cause. They are natural and have less side effects, and are more effective than the products out there.”


Jennifer Karp, director of sales and marketing at Advanced Skin & Hair, said retailers are addressing gaps in their assortment with the company’s products. At Sephora, where she described the acne selection as “scattered” and containing “nothing groundbreaking,” Clearogen offers a comprehensive program that appeals to the retailer’s young acne sufferers, although adults with acne is a burgeoning customer base. Karp said, “They are definitely stepping up their investment in a category that is hugely popular.”

In contrast to the masculine black-and-gold packaging of Revivogen, Advanced Skin & Hair’s 15-year-old hair-loss brand available at medical offices, where the majority of its customers are male, Revivogen Pro’s packaging has a softer look with orange and light gray colors, and a matte finish. With Revivogen Pro being in Ulta, Karp said, “We are able to target women where they are used to treating their hair. By the time a woman goes to dermatologist’s office to treat her condition, it has progressed to a level where they might not be able to reverse the condition.”

Advanced Skin & Hair reached its yearly performance goal for Revivogen Pro at Ulta far short of a year, according to Karp. “I feel like if you can be successful there, you can be successful anywhere. It has given us more confidence in our ability to support large retailers, and we have been approaching smaller chains to carry the line, too,” she said, noting that overall, “The business has been growing exponentially. We have been growing internationally as well. Once you go retail, I feel word of mouth travels much more quickly.”

There were fears that stretching into retail could inhibit Advanced Skin & Hair’s sales in doctor’s offices, but Karp has found the opposite has been the case. “We haven’t closed one medical account due to the launch of Revivogen Pro, and a huge percentage of our current accounts have actually brought on the Revivogen Pro line,” said Karp. “They would like to carry the line for women. That’s expanded the growth of our brand even further than we thought it would.”