Beauty Adviser Confidential: An Insider’s Take on Selling Skin Care

A skin care sales person shares her thoughts.

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Beauty Inc issue 03/11/2011

I have been working for a major skin care department store brand since September and, in that time, I’ve developed many loyal customers. Most of my customers come back knowing exactly what they want and they purchase multiple products. My average sale is about $75, though that number often rises as high as $120. What I like is to have new items to introduce to my customers more often. If I could speak to my chief executive officer directly, that is what I’d say. My shoppers are really, really interested in taking care of their skin.

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We have really good training and great products and I want to be able to help women look their best, especially when it comes to correcting fine lines, which is what more and more women want. Most of my customers are 30 and above, so they want to smooth their wrinkles and take better care of their skin. Overall, the mood is good right now. We were busy at the holidays and right now my customers are not price sensitive. Our fans love purchase-with- purchase—especially star products and travel sizes instead of bags or other accessories. We also have a big demand for night creams and anything [the] perfect size for travel. The only downside to my job, which I work five days a week, is it does get boring when the store is slow and I’d love other things to do during that period, be it putting together gift sets or learning more about products and skin care.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This was written by a skin care sales person for a top five brand at a major department store chain in the Northeast.]