Dashing Diva Creates a Safe Alternative to Gel Manicures

The salons will offer ColorFX, a sticker application for $40 in six neon shades.

Dashing Diva is taking the nail gel craze a step further.

After the successful launch of DesignFX, a long-wearing, decorated sticker that requires a gel overlay on the design, Dashing Diva will launch a new nail category in July. Called ColorFX, it will consist a single color sticker designed to be glued to the nail. Gel is then painted onto the overlay to increase shine and prolong longevity. According to the company, one application can last up to two weeks. Since it is a sticker, the coverage is meant to provide an even finish without brush strokes. According to the company, acetone is not required for removal.

In the past couple of years, gel manicures have become a rage among consumers due to the technique’s long lasting, no chip and no dry time features.  According to IBISWorld, consumers have spent $1 billion on gel manicures in the past year. However, Dashing Diva  intends to give gels a run for their money. Margaret Pak, director of marketing and creative services at Dashing Diva, said,  “We wanted to create something safer for the nails. What we did is take everything women love about the gel products — no chip, long lasting, doesn’t require traditional air drying time — and added an easy removal process.”

The stickers are designed with a silkscreen color and an adhesive back. Salon professionals can then shape the individual sticker to the size of the customer’s nails. Once they are adjusted to the nail, a gel overlay can be applied and then dried under a LED light.  Unlike gel manicures, which are usually removed with acetone, ColorFX can easily be peeled from the cuticle area by applying cuticle oil to help release the adhesive. “Acetone has a drying effect,” said Pak. “One of the major deterrents for women opting out of gel polish manicures is the soak-off removal, but with ColorFX, that barrier is gone.”

ColorFX is not only looking at the growing gel market, but also at the entire (non-gel) manicure and pedicure services market, which Dashing Diva is projecting at over $2.6 billion. Based on Nails Magazine 2010-2011 Big Book, gel treatments make up about 26 percent of total services provided and will have projected sales of over $200 million in 2012.

Dashing Diva salons will offer ColorFX application for $40 in six neon shades. Later in the summer, the company plans to launch 60 more colors and will continue to add fall and spring palettes for each season.