Davide Bollati to Launch Skin Care Line

A product line and a book, “Skin Regimen: The Essential Lifestyle Guide for Skin Longevity and Beauty” will launch in the U.S. this month.

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MILAN — Before Davide Bollati, founder and chairman of Davines SpA, embarked on his career in the beauty industry, he studied pharmacy in his native Parma, Italy — writing his thesis on cosmetics solutions to skin inflammation and the production of free radicals — and got a master’s degree in cosmetic science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Now, Bollati’s interest in skin care has come full circle, as he prepares to launch a new Comfort Zone product line, Skin Regimen, and a book, “Skin Regimen: The Essential Lifestyle Guide for Skin Longevity and Beauty,” in the U.S. this month.

“The Skin Regimen line is a diet for the skin….It’s a cosmetic offering that starts from the inside,” Bollati explained, noting that a multidisciplinary team including a cardiologist, nutritionist, dermatologist and pharmacologist developed the new products and book, which are being introduced to promote health and wellness as an essential part of beauty. “To have healthy skin, it’s not enough to rely on external treatments,” he added.

The Skin Regimen line includes two concentrated serums, two hydrating and antiaging creams, an intensive renewal mask, and a two-in-one cleansing milk and toner, priced between 23 and 85 euros, or about $30 to $111. A new Longevity facial will be available at Comfort Zone spas, as well as an Omega 3+ fish oil supplement.

Currently available in French, German, Russian and Portuguese, as well as English and Italian, the book, which will be on sale in all Comfort Zone centers, examines the environmental and lifestyle stress factors that contribute to the skin aging process: One of the authors, Filippo Ongaro, is a doctor specialized in sports medicine who has studied the premature aging of astronauts. Currently, Comfort Zone is available at 200 doors in the U.S., and Bollati said additional openings are planned as part of Davines SpA expansion in the American market.

Davines SpA combines the Davines hair-care line and Comfort Zone cosmetics, both entirely produced in Italy and currently distributed in 72 countries. Worldwide, Davines SpA registered double-digit growth in 2012, with about 60 million euros — or $78 million at current exchange — in revenues. Since January, total revenues are up 8 percent, and Bollati said he anticipates a strong year overall.

Skin Regimen was recently introduced in Russia, the U.K., the Netherlands, Portugal, France and Sweden, among others. It made its debut in November in Italy, which remains Davines SpA’s biggest single market.

From the outset, the Davines brands have made sustainability an integral part of their identity, and Bollati said that in the past decade, customers have evolved, almost taking a green approach to ingredients and the production chain for granted. “There was a boom a few years ago in organic products, and that has slowed down as the whole industry adapted,” he said. “It’s no longer enough for companies to market themselves as sustainable, the product has to have an excellent performance. Our products combine high performance with the greatest organic level possible.”

Skin Regimen, Bollati concluded, “is just the beginning of a new project” that heightens the connection between sustainability and healthy beauty.

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