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On a quest to deliver an at-home spa experience to every woman, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas is launching its first skin- and body-care line, Red Door Spa Professional. The Red Door Spa Professional line is designed to offer the same high-quality spa treatments and services available at Red Door for use at home.

The entire collection utilizes concentrations of essential vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants, and was created in collaboration with doctors and scientists on the line — it is said to “balance skin metabolism.”

“We recognize that at-home skin care is an important part of every woman’s regimen. By launching a comprehensive line under the Red Door Spa brand, we believe we can deliver innovation and value to our guests to extend their spa experience at home,” said Todd Walter, ceo of Red Door Spa Holdings.

The Red Door Spa Professional line is customized by aestheticians and is divided into three specialized categories: Customized Daily Essentials, Targeted Intensive Skincare Solutions and Body Renewal. The Customized Daily Essentials collection features 17 different products ($26 to $69), including daily cleansers, toners, moisturizers, sun care and masks to create an individualized regimen for each  woman’s lifestyle, skin type and age. The Targeted Intensive Skincare Solutions collection features 16 products ($26 to $120) centered on reversing signs of aging, discoloration, sensitivity, dullness and blemishes. The Body Renewal collection has 10 moisturizing body-care products ($22 to $45) that are identical to the preparations used in Red Door Spa treatments. Industry sources estimate Red Door Spa Professional could generate between $3 million and $4 million in its first year. The entire collection will be first made exclusively available at the 30 Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa locations nationwide, with e-commerce to come in the near future.

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