Rock Solid

Holly Haber goes undercover to discover whether diamonds really are a girl?s best friend.

Liz Taylor, great skin, great rocks.

Twenty-five years ago, I had my aura balanced, and I thought the whole thing was preposterous. The dangling of a pendulum above various body parts to determine their energy charges, the placement of crystals in plastic cases upon those parts to correct deviant charges. Please.

I was snickering so much the little boxes were jiggling upon my prone body. But then I relaxed and listened to the whale songs playing in my private room. When the practitioner entered the room about 40 minutes later, I did not want him to remove those boxes. I felt glorious. Meditative. Transcendent.

So, Natura Bissé’s Red Carpet Facial incorporating three 3-carat diamonds made sense to me when it might seem silly to others. What could possibly be more potent than diamonds?

Alas, the effect was not the same, though I’m willing to speculate that those lovely gems simply weren’t on me long enough to have a palpable effect. The round jewels valued at $100,000 were placed on my face and chest only briefly, and while their cool polish felt pleasant and decadent, I can’t say I felt any more calmed or rejuvenated than I would have without them.

This is not to say that the facial wasn’t delightful and restorative. It left my skin smooth and glossy—even the dark circles under my eyes had miraculously vanished. That evening over drinks with friends, my boyfriend exclaimed, “Look at her skin! This stuff really works!”

What is superb about this Natura Bissé facial, which has been offered to Oscar presenters and nominees for three years running, is the sixfold whammy of Natura’s most potent products.

Kim, the Natura-trained aesthetician, first smoothed Glycoline Peeling Plus across my face to remove dead skin. She then applied Essential Shock Complex for firming, followed by Diamond Extreme moisturizer and Diamond Bio-Lift eye cream. Next came a shoulder massage and Diamond Ice-Lift mask, a cool gel that congeals and peels away to plump the skin.

The final touch was most dramatic—Kim slathered frozen DNA Drops across my face, neck and décolletage. The marine DNA treatment became liquid on contact with a refreshing chill that dried to a velvet texture. Delicious. I didn’t get to keep the diamonds, but my skin definitely sparkled.