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YouGov Forecasts Luxury Spending to Dip in 2016

Travel and fine dining will see gains in discretionary spending, but not apparel and accessories.

Keynote Highlights at Consensus Advisors Showcase

The companies that pitched to investors are brands looking to expand their business.

Consumer Confidence Edged Down in April

Consumers were less optimistic on the jobs front.

Cuba: Huge Opportunity, but Obstacles Persist

Cuba’s GDP growth rate is projected at 2% to 4% annually.

Gil and Jay Hakami.

Cloud-based Skypad Offers Clear View of Sell-throughs for Fashion Brands

Skypad is a Web-based reporting suite developed by Sky IT Group.

Jenny Fleiss and Bethenny Frankel

Fashion Data Firm Claire to Accelerate at Rebecca Minkoff

Bethenny Frankel spoke about needing to execute to win.

Sara Guananga

LIM Students Explain Their Top Employment Choices

LIM College students respond: Why do you want to pursue a career in the fashion industry?


Omni-Boss: Executives Require More Diverse Skills

The omnichannel boss may be the most in-demand job in retail today.

Lawrence Lenihan

FACC: All About Luxury

High-end houses need to understand how to be relevant in the changing landscape.