WASHINGTON -- U.S. imports of Caribbean apparel made under the 807 program rose a respectable 9.5 percent during the first third of this year.

The four-month increase of 32 million square meters equivalent brought the 807 nations' total to 366.8 million SME. In the same four months, all apparel imports into the U.S. increased 173 million SME, to 2.89 billion SME, a 7.5 percent gain.

The lion's share of the growth posted by 807 apparel imports from the Caribbean came from four nations: Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador and Colombia. Their apparel exports made up more than one-third of all Caribbean Basin Initiative shipments to the U.S. under 807 from January through April. Virtually all the apparel from these four countries is shipped into the U.S. through the Port of Miami.

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